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Honor Killer Yaser Said And His Wanted Sister Ghada Said all Sahred a PO Box in TX With Yassein Said Who Lives in Metro NYC

Saturday, June 29, 2013

FBI Report: Yaser Abdel Said is wanted for murder. On January 1, 2008, Said took his two teenaged daughters for a ride in his taxi cab, under the guise of taking them to get something to eat. He drove them to Irving, Texas, where he allegedly shot both girls to death. They died of multiple gunshot wounds. Yaser Said may have fled to New York or Egypt. On January 2, 2008, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Yaser Abdel Said, in Dallas County, Dallas, Texas, on charges of Capital Murder-Multiple. On August 21, 2008, a federal Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution warrant was issued by the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas, Texas.

HONOR KILLER YASER SAID STILL ON THE RUN IN METRO NYC SAYS PI BILL WARNER: Exactly One Year Ago, in June of 2012, South Gate Ridge Sarasota PI Bill Warner Went to NYC With Fox News, AMW and Inside Edition To Locate FBI Most Wanted Honor Killer Yaser Said Who is Still On the Run. FOX NEWS REPORTER GREGG JARRETT THREATENED BY YASSEIN SAID: During the investigation of the relatives of Honor Killer Yaser Said in Shrub Oak NY Gregg Jarrett of Fox News NY ended up in a shouting match in the driveway and threatened by Yassein Said.

Wanted and on the run Ghada Abdel Fattah Said is the sister of Honor Killer Yaser Said who is wanted by the FBI and very possibly they are both in Metro New York City. Circumstances: Minor children Iman and Yousef Almetnawy were abducted by their non-custodial mother, Ghada Abdel  Fattah Said. Their father,  Hirsham Almetnawy, an immigrant from Egypt, had regular visitation rights, but  Ghada Said fled with the children on August 25th, 1999. A felony warrant was issued for  her on November 17, 1999. They may be travelling in a silver 1989 Honda CRS with  Texas license plates numbered YCJ05P.
Ghada Abdel Fattah Said and her children may be in New York (hiding with her brother Yaser Said), Tennessee, or  California, or may have left the United States and traveled to Egypt. In 2008,  Ghada Said’s brother Yasir Abdel Said was charged with murder after his two daughters  were found deceased in Irving, Texas. They were reportedly murdered for being “too American.” He is  currently a fugitive and wanted by the FBI and thought to be in Metro New york City. Photos of his sister and her children were found inside  his residence and it is possible they are on the run together. Because of the  nature of the crime, the Almetnawy children are considered at risk.
Known locations for Ghada Said are seen below she used a PO Box in Euless Texas jointly with YASSEIN SAID, who has known locations in Westchester NY and YASSEIN SAID had also shared a PO Box with Honor Killer Yaser Said in Texas, connect the dots.
Name/AKAs Addresses DOB
SAID, GHADA A Ector Dr, Euless, TX 76039 Del  Paso, Euless, TX 76040 Del  Paso St, Euless, TX 76040 XXXX PO  Box, Euless, TX 76039 (05/01/1998) Cahuenga Blvd, Toluca  Lake, CA 91602 (04/01/1998) Cahuenga Blvd, Toluca  Lake, CA 91602 (08/01/1994) 04/09/1966
SAID, GHADA A Ector Dr, Euless, TX 76039 Cahuenga Blvd, Toluca  Lake, CA 91602
SAID, GHADA A Lynnwood Dr, Arlington, TX 76013
SAID, GHADA A Dickens Ct, Arlington, TX 76015
SAID, GHADA A Winchester Rd, North Richland  Hills, TX 76180 04/09/1966


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Trayvon Martin Started Fight With George Zimmerman Says Attorney, George Zimmerman Had Broken Nose and Cuts on Back of Head In Beat Down

Post from Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UPDATED JUNE 28th, 2013

George Zimmerman’s legal advisor, Craig Sonner, told Curry that the 28-year-old George Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and a cut injury on the back of his head during the altercation with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Sonner said when all the evidence is public, it will show Zimmerman acted in self defense. “It is not a racial issue,” Sonner said. George Zimmerman, he added, “is absolutely not a racist.”

George Zimmerman has not been arrested because he told police he acted in self-defense, and then-Chief Lee said police did not have probable cause. Florida Statute 776.032 expressly prohibits police from arresting someone who had a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily harm. Police may investigate, the statute says, “but the agency may not arrest the person” without probable cause.

Craig Sonner’s account of Zimmerman’s injuries is consistent with the Sanford Police Department report, written by the officer at the crime scene who handcuffed Zimmerman. “I could observe his back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground,” the officer wrote. “Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and back of his head.” see POLICE REPORT

On the Sanford Police report of 2/26/2012, Trayvon Martin is listed as 6′ 0″ tall and 160 lbs, that is a fairly good sized man, there are also numerous witness’s lsited on the redacted Sanford Police report.  George Zimmerman is listed as 5′ 9″ tall on the report no weight is given but he appears to be around 165 lbs see report

George Zimmerman was bleeding from his nose and the back of his head on Sunday 2/26/2012, who did dat?  See also Rev Al Sharpton Has a History of Fabricating Stories That Incite Charges of Racism When None Ever Existed, Look Hard at George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin Case.   I grew up outside of New York City, I know all about “ringmaster” Rev Al Sharpton and his headline grabbing stunts from when he was promoting James Brown to his problems with the FBI and the IRS.  Rev Al Sharpton has been a trouble maker for over 4 decades, let’s see what kind of mess he makes of the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin Case.


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NO FLY LIST: Extreme Right Wing Haters Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Banned From Entering UK

Thursday, June 27, 2013

BBC NEWS NO FLY LIST: Extreme Right Wing Trouble Makers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Banned From Entering UKTwo prominent US bloggers have been  banned from entering the UK, the Home Office has said. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer co-founded anti-Muslim group Stop  Islamization of America.

They were due to speak at an English Defence League march in Woolwich, where  Drummer Lee Rigby was killed. A government spokesman said individuals whose presence “is not conducive to  the public good” could be excluded by the home secretary. He added: “We condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form.” Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, who had called for the  bloggers to be banned from the UK, said: “I welcome the home secretary’s ban on  Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the country. This is the right  decision. The UK should never become a stage for inflammatory speakers who  promote hate.”  see

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Boarded Up Mel-o-Dee Restaurant Near Water Tower Park on North Trail Sarasota Was Home to Prostitutes and Drug Dealers, Same Story Different Day.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sarasota Herald Tribune writer Tom Lyons needs to get out of his office a little bit more and drive up to the North Trail and just sit in any parking lot for 10 minutes and observe the criminal activity of prostitutes and drug dealers in broad daylight, I did see our stories below.

Sarasota Herald Tribune: The North Trail is the entrance way Sarasota’s visitors encounter after they fly into town — and it runs close by iconic arts and cultural landmarks and colleges — much of that area has long had a reputation as a sleaze hot spot. The defunct and boarded up Mel-o-Dee restaurant on the North Trail near the Water Tower Park, has become a hangout where working girls and thieves and others use it as a place to hide and do drugs and sleep “It was like a little hotel in there.”  Cops found the owner of the Mel-0-Dee, who of course had no idea what was happening there, and copsworked with code enforcers to get the man to properly secure the building. That was just over a week ago, and it helps.

There is no control or curtail of the drug and sex for sale activity on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, see photos above, within 5 minutes of setting up surveillance on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, Tuesday August 7th, just south of Myrtle Ave, I spotted a blond woman walking the street and using hand signs to motion passing cars ( Johns or drug customers) to pull their cars behind a closed fast food joint (Red Chef), first she got in a blue 2000 Toyota registered to a guy in St Pete Fl who is 56 years old, they drove to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens at 3701 Bay Shore Road  Sarasota made the drug deal and then drove back to the closed fast food joint (Red Chef) where he dropped her off.
Two minutes later a older man in a silver SUV picked up the blond hooker behind the closed fast food joint (Red Chef) on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl, they drove across the street to the Goodwill Store parking lot at 3333 North Tamiami Trl Sarasota Fl, see map, and completed their drug deal, both of these drug deals happened in 11 minutes, busy street.
Newtown black thug Dexter V. Johnson, 51, had been at living at 2749 Leon Ave, SEE MAP in the heart of Newtown where he ran a car detail business.  Dexter V. Johnson has been arrested 43 times in Sarasota County Fl. Dexter V. Johnson, DOB 4/11/1961, did time in the Florida State prison system on drug charges in 2000, Dexter V. Johnson is a cocaine dealer and a low life pimp who had run girls on the North Trail in Sarasota.
Current Prison Sentence  History Dexter Johnson:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
02/02/2012 FELONY BATTERY 04/01/2013 SARASOTA 1208386 1Y 1M 0D

Dexter V. Johnson is currently in the State of Florida prison system doing 13 months for felony battery.  Dexter Johnson raped and cut up an underage female and left her to die in the Water Tower Park on the North Trail. Dexter V. Johnson, and others in his crew, appears to have had dealings with both Amber O’Brien and murdered Nicole Rose Scott on the North Trail Sarasota Fl, small world again.

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Missing Petite Blond Heather Hodges From Rocky Mount VA Ran Ad in Swinger Magazine Was She Victim Of Online Predator See Photos

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I have been a private detective for 18 years working the Gulf Coast of Florida from Panama City Beach to Fort Myers Beach handling ‘Cheater Cases’ of all kinds, one of the biggest problems that I have run across is couples getting mixed up in swinger clubs or online Hookups, this is an extremely dangerous situation. as you never know who you really are going to get.
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Staff Photo by K.A. Wagoner: Crystal Hodges asked for the public’s help in finding her sister, Heather, at a press conference Monday April 23, 2012 in Rocky Mount VA.


 SWINGER ADS: What will happen, as you can see in the ad posted below by Heather Hodges, is a young attractive female involved with a husband or boyfriend, will run an ad looking for single females.  What will happen is that she will get responses from aggressive men posting replies as a female or using a proxy female, a dupe, who will respond for the aggressive male. The aggressive male, the one who creates this dangerous situation with his resonse could be a sexual devient or a ex-con or a felon with arrests for sexual abuse and/or rape.


Bisexual Woman in Rocky Mount, VA – tinknscooter –

Single Women Rocky Mount, Virginia, VA, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Location: Rocky Mount Virginia
Zip Code: 24151
Age: 23, Leo
Height: 5 ft. 1 in.
Hair, Eyes: Blonde, Blue
Body: Slender
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian
Politics: Not quite sure
Education: Some College
Income: Didn’t Say
Job: Full-Time Student
Smoke: Smoke Regularly
Has Kids: Yes, living with me
Meet Me Free      Wink Free     Add Friend      Add Favorite

Heather Hodges aka Tink

About Me
My name is Tink, i am 21, blonde/blue, 110lbs, in a relationship with with an awesome man we call Scooter,who is the most amazing father ever We are laid back, down to earth, like to have fun. We go 4wheeling,fishing, hunting, camping,kayaking anything outdoors pretty much. We are southern to the bone, living on the outskirts of Franklin County and enjoy the walk outside on the porch naked if you want to setting. We are looking to add some spice to our relationship , so if your a attractive woman looking to have a good time with a couple, We may just be it. We are looking for an attractive woman, age is unimportant, who’s drama free, likes to party and have fun. Friendship now may lead to a relationship later. Serious Inquires Only
Want To Find: A woman ages 18 to 45 to date
Interests: I Like: 4wheeling, camping, down to earth, hunting, laid back, outdoors, Rednecking It

Was Petite Blond Heather Hodges aka Tink a Victim of a Online Predator, Heather Posted Facebook and Online Swinger Ads with Photos And Too Much Info. Heather Hodges of Rocky Mount VA went missing April 9th, 2012, Heather Hodges has long blond hair and blue eyes she is 22 years old. Heather Hodges is 5′ 1″ tall and weighs about 100 pounds. The Missing Persons Database lists Heather Hodges with the nickname “Tink”, see .


MISSING PERSON: Heather Dialian Hodges
MISSING SINCE: April 09, 2012
LAST SEEN: Rocky Mount, Virginia
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5′ 1″ tall
WEIGHT: 100 to 105 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond/Strawberry
TATTOOS: “TINK” lower back
Contact:  Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at 540-263-0845 with information.  Her Facebook page was :

SWINGERS & STRIP CLUBS….While working as a private investigator for the last 18 years I have followed countless husbands and “ex-husbands to be” to strip clubs, sex clubs and investigated their online activity with swinger clubs.  It was not uncommon to find “ex-husbands to be” with their current girl friends going to strip clubs and swinger clubs.  In most cases, the initial hook-up for these “ex-husbands to be” was a result of a online ad posted by an attractive female who was looking for another female/couple.  With ads looking for a female partner for a swinging couple, like on, you also end up with the male partner of the new female, this always happens, and just who do you get, a possible ex-con sex offender?  These Swinger ads are dangerous and the one that Heather Hodges posted as “Tink” may be just the reason she is now missing.  Are cops tracing who Heather Hodges ‘hooked-up’ with online????

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BOLO: If You Live in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl You Need to Be Afraid, Very Afraid, of The Violent Felons Living Amongst You, Buy a Gun.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Let’s get real here, I know who the violent felon dirtbags are that are living with their ‘mothers’ or ‘sisters’ in the South Gate Ridge section of Sarasota Fl that encompasses Warren Ridge St, Onaway Ridge Pl and Emerald Ridge Pl.  I know about your felony narcotic arrests for ‘roxies’ and aggravated assault charges with a deadly weapon. 

I went down to the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department today to update my files on Felon #1, Felon #2 and Felon #3, three POS who are living off a deranged relative who for some bizarre reason lets these POS live in their home in South Gate Ridge Sarasota.

Felon #1 is a convicted violent felon with multiple arrests for drugs and assault, he likes to fight with the cops when they corner him, in his most recent outgoing he smacked some girl in the head with a hammer, nice.  BOLO Sarasota County Sheriff Department Deputies when you get a call to Emerald Ridge Place for Felon #1, bring your ‘A’ game.
Felon #2 is a convicted felon out of New York State, he has lived on and off over the last 3 years on Onaway Ridge Pl, this dirtbag is into ‘Roxies’ and ‘Opium’ with a smattering of Battery charges.
Last but not least is Felon #3 who also lived at the same address as Felon #2 on Onaway Ridge Pl.  Felon #3 is into violent crimes like aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and felony battery with great bodily harm (he almost killed someone).  This POS Felon #3 is on State of Florida Probation for Felony Battery and yet this other POS Felon #2 makes daily visits to his house on Onaway Ridge Pl, planning their next score, FYI guys the SRQ Sheriff is onto you.
Well there you have it, in my once idyllic neighborhood of South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl we are now living amongst dirtbag violent felons who roam the street day and night looking for a score, do me a favor boys choose me for a robbery, I have a 12 gauge surprise for y’all.
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FBI Offers $65,000 Reward For Info on 2008 Times Square Bike Bomber, Look Real Hard At PediCab Driver Yousef al-Khattab Says PI Bill Warner.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FBI NEWS RELEASE: $65,000 Reward Offered for Information in Search for Bomber in 2008 Times Square Attack. Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York City Police Department announced a reward of up to $65,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the suspect or suspects involved in the unsolved 2008 bombing of the United States Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square. Also released today are never-before-seen video of the suspect(s) and a picture of the explosive device. The suspect(s) may be connected to two other unsolved bombings in New York City—one at the British Consulate in 2005 and the other at the Mexican Consulate in 2007.

Early on the morning of Thursday, March 6, 2008, a bomb exploded in New York’s Times Square at the Armed Forces Recruiting Station. The suspect rode a blue Ross bicycle west on 37th Street, took a right up Sixth Avenue, and made a left on 47th Street before turning left down Seventh Avenue. The suspect got off his bike near the recruiting station at West 43rd Street and Seventh Avenue, placed the explosive device at the recruiting station, lit a fuse, and fled the scene on the bicycle. Although the suspect appears to be working alone, he or she may have had a lookout or surveillance team of as many as five other individuals in Times Square at the time of the attack. The suspect then rode his or her bike south on Broadway before turning left on 38th Street. The bike was later recovered in a dumpster near Madison Avenue and 38th Street. see more at

Yousef al-Khattab fled New York City: Queens Jihadi Yousef Al-Khattab Sets Up Shop In Tetouan Morocco The Home To 30 Iraq Suicide Car Bombers. Revolution Muslim’s 2008 co-founders are Yousef al-Khattab and Jesse Curtis Morton. Yousef al-Khattab claims no link to terrorism and just wants to live the peaceful life in Tetouan, Morocco (see his photo above), but he is a liar. Yousef al-Khattab has left the USA because the NYPD was just about to arrest him on bomb threat charges and I’m sure they were looking at any connections between Queens Jihadi Yousef al-Khattab and Queens subway bomb plotter Najibullah Zazi.  Yousef al-Khattab was the subject of two NYPD open criminal investigations into “bomb threats.” I spoke with NYPD Detective on Sunday 2/15/2009 about Yousef al-Khattab, they have opened two criminal investigations on him, one about the threats against the Jewish School and temple in NYC and second they are also looking at him for the “bombs bombs bombs” cards sent out last July 2008 to Fox News reporter Kelly Vick and others in NYC.

PI Bill Warner’s post Sunday, July 27, 2008…  NEW YORK JIHADI YOUSEF al-KHATTAB BOMBS-BOMBS-BOMBS AND TWO RECENT FOX NEWS INTERVIEWS. NEW YORK, N.Y. — New York City cabbie, Yousef al-Khattab. who operates an extremist Islamic anti-American Web site that features violent images including mocking the deaths of GIs in Iraq says he’s doing the country a service by “exposing the truth.” See FOX News TV produced video on Yousef al-Khattab.

Yousef al-Khattab, who ran the from his home in Queens, told FOX News, in an April 2008 interview, “NYC Cabbie Who Runs Anti-American Islamic Web Site Mocks GI Deaths, Calls for Shia Law In U.S.”, that he also wants the U.S. to embrace Islam and Sharia Law, which prohibits alcohol and can include stoning to death or severe flogging for pre-marital sex and adultery.  Fox News also did another unflatering expose on Yousef al-Khattab in March of 2008 see Fox News report here “U.S. Based Revolution Muslim Website Spreading Messages of Hate”.

At times, al-Khattab’s postings are farcical, such as a picture of him holding the book “Nuclear Jihad” with a wry smile on his face. Other messages call for radical Muslim rule worldwide. Under the law FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said it is difficult to bring criminal charges against the operators of Web sites like unless specific threats are made against an individual or individuals.

Kolko while not speaking directly about RevolutionMuslim said radical sites like these are not often prosecuted. “It’s usually a First Amendment right if they don’t cross the threshold of making any threats,” said Kolko. “There’s nothing we should or could do.” “Until the rhetoric reaches the point in which it’s no longer protected speech under the first amendment, it’s hard to stop it,” said security expert, Harvey Kushner.

SUNDAY 7/27/2008……Terror Threat is in the Cards were mailed last week to the homes of seven city residents, including former Fox News television producer Kelley Vick and a person in the 26th Police Precinct, which covers West Harlem, according to Vick and police sources. The card reads: “Bombs! Bombs! Bombs! Lower Manhattan. July, August, September. New York Jihad.” Vick, a news producer who left Fox in early July, got the creepy mailing Thursday. She said it arrived at her Chelsea building but did not list her apartment number and had no return address. She went to police on Friday. “It says, ‘You’re invited to a party, so put on a happy face,’ ” she said. “There were faces of an elephant, a monkey, like cartoon animals. “Then you open the card, and inside is a piece of periwinkle paper and space for the date and time. That’s where it says, ‘Bombs! Bombs! Bombs!’ in fancy type. “My name is printed on the envelope. The stamp is green with a heart. SEE Fox News TV produced video on Yousef al-Khattab, click here .

I, PI Bill Warner, would be taking a very hard look at NYC Cabbie, Yousef al-Khattab, Fox News did an Expose on him in April 2008, he Runs Anti-American Islamic Web Site That Mocks GI Deaths and Calls for Shia Law In U.S. Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, al-Khattab is an American-born Jew who converted to Islam after attending an Orthodox Rabbinical school, which he later described as a “racist cult.”
The 39-year-old New York taxi driver launched an extremist Islamic anti-American Web site that features violent images — including mocking the deaths of GIs in Iraq — says he’s doing the country a service by “exposing the truth.”Yousef al-Khattab told FOX News, in an April 2008 interview, see here “NYC Cabbie Who Runs Anti-American Islamic Web Site Mocks GI Deaths, Calls for Shia Law In U.S.”, that he also wants the U.S. to embrace Islam and Sharia Law, which prohibits alcohol and can include stoning to death or severe flogging for pre-marital sex and adultery. Fox News also did another unflatering expose on Yousef al-Khattab in March of 2008 see Fox News report here “U.S. Based Revolution Muslim Website Spreading Messages of Hate”.

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WZZM-13 TV Hires Private Detective to Investigate Kidnapping of Petite Blond Jessica Heeringa, Cops Apparently Have No Clues.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In what appears to be a continuing pattern of news outlets hiring private investigators to dig a little deeper and reveal what really happened to missing and/or kidnapped petite blond females like  Jessica Heeringa, Holly Bobo, Paige Johnson, Kelli Bordeaux and numerous other pretty young girls, WZZM-13 TV in Grand Rapids, MI has hired a private investigator to look into the kidnapping of Jessica Heeringa.

NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) — It’s been 54 days since Jessica Heeringa disappeared from her job at a Norton Shores gas station. The national media attention has gone away and tips are coming in at a much slower pace. If police have a strong theory or even just a solid hunch, they’re not saying. Truth is not much more is known about Jessica’s disappearance today than almost two months ago. WZZM 13 has dedicated multiple journalists to the story but as the mystery grew we asked what more could we do to uncover clues? That’s why WZZM hired a licensed private investigator to go beyond what our reporters were doing. We are not identifying her so as to not jeopardize her work, read it all click here.
Private investigators were also hired to look into the missing and or kidnapping cases of Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer and Brittanee Drexel, where are all of these ‘missing’ petite blonde females who just happen to all look-a-like?

1). Crystal Morrison..Thur 12:45 pm 8/23/2012 Concord NC
2). Kortne Stouffer…..Sun @ 3:45 am 7/29/2012 Palmyra PA
3). Brittany Wood. …..Wed 5/30/2012, Tillmans Corner AL
4). Heather Hodges….Mon @ 10:30 pm 4/9/2012 Rocky Mount VA
5). Kelli Bordeaux ……Sat @ 1:30 am 4/14/2012 Fayetteville N.C.
6). Karen Swift…………Sun @ 5:00 am 10/30/2011 Dyersburg TN
7). Katelyn Markham…Sat @ 11:00 pm 8/13/2011 Fairfield OH
8). Lauren Spierer .….Friday @ 4:30 am 6/3/2011 Bloomington IN
9). Alivia Kail…………Friday 3/05/2011 Pittsburgh PA area
10). Holly Bobo ………..Wed @ 7:40 am 4/13/2011 Darden TN
11). Paige Johnson …..Thurs @ 1:00 am 9/23/2010 Florence KY
12). Morgan Harrington.Sat 9:30 pm 10/17/2009 Charlottesville VA
13). Brittanee Drexel….Sat @ 9:15 pm 4/25/2009, Myrtle Beach SC
14). Crystal Hall…….….Tuesday 3/03/2009, Pikeville KY
15). Rape Victim……….Saturday, evening, 9/24/2005 Fairfax VA
16). Misty Gwinner……Tues @ 9:45 pm 4/05/2005, Lexington KY


 UPDATED 16 PETITE BLOND FEMALES HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED AND COPS HAVE NO ANSWERS FOR THE FAMILIES, NEW PHOTOS.  Law Enforcement has no suspects, no person or persons of interest and apparently no clues. In all of the 16 cases of the missing blond haired petite females, seen above, no homes or apartments have been broken into, none of the women’s boyfriends or husbands or fathers or brothers are a suspect in their disappearance.  All of the 16 missing blond haired petite women were abducted outside of their homes or apartments, from open areas on streets or roads or carports.
  Bill Warner Sarasota Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

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Beretta 950 Jetfire .25 Cal Auto Purchased and Profiled By PI Bill Warner in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl, Love It.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


The Beretta 950 Jetfire is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by Beretta since 1952. It builds on a long line of small and compact pocket pistols manufactured by Beretta for self-defence. Based on very early Beretta models, the weapon is intended to be a very simple and reliable pocket pistol, it is and it is dead on balls accurate, love it.


The Beretta 950 Jetfire is a  great looking little pocket pistol!!! The tip-up barrel feature is great for those with weak hands. You can load a round in the chamber or remove the round that is in the chamber without having to cycle the slide. While the .25ACP cartridge is not the most powerful, 9 rounds of .25ACP are certainly better than throwing rocks. With a CCW permit you can carry this pistol while wearing just about any clothing but a swim suit, great for Florida undercover work.

The Beretta 950 Jetfire is a backup, self-defense pistol that is intended for undercover agents, police officers, individuals licensed to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense or private detectives like PI Bill Warner who has a Florida State Wide Firearms License.

  • Type: Beretta 950 Jetfire
  • Trigger system: Single-action only
  • Caliber: .25 ACP
  • Capacity: 8 rounds magazine, 9 rounds if first chambered
  • Frame material: Aluminium light alloy
  • Slide and barrel material: Carbon steel
  • Grip material: Plastic
  Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at

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Alabama Joins Other Southern States Like Florida and Georgia In Regulating Private Investigators When Will Mississippi Keep Pace.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)–  Prior to this month anyone in Alabama or Mississippi could advertise themselves as a “private investigator,” but all of that has changed (except for Mississippi), replaced with a state regulatory board and new licensing process for Alabama. Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 172 on the final day of the legislative session and Gov. Robert Bentley signed it into law in June. The new law is similar to laws in 48 other states across the country. Now private investigators will need to be licensed and consumers will have an outlet to voice complaints. In most states, private investigators must be licensed; this isn’t the case in Mississippi. In the state of Mississippi anyone can advertise themselves as a “private investigator” with no training, no background check and no state supervision of any kind, this can cause a very serious public safety problem.

The Alabama Private Investigators Association lobbied hard for the past several years to have laws passed to regulate the PI business because “a few bad apples” were ruining the reputation of legitimate investigators in the state, according to Bill Posey, a Madison County private investigator who will sit on the newly formed state board. The other board members will be picked by the governor, community and other state and local groups. This is probably the best thing that has ever happened to our industry in Alabama and is a public safety problem that is being fixed,” Posey told WHNT News 19. “This new licensing and regulatory board will begin the process of ridding Alabama of thieves and thugs who have been operating under the guise of Private Investigator,” Posey added. In the near future Private Investigators will be required to submit their finger prints, background checks, and continuing education like most of the rest of the United States”. This regulatory board will be a protection for Alabama citizens from unscrupulous persons hiding behind the title of Private Investigator.

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