CNN HLN News VIDEO Missing Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Kate Markham and Paige Johnson Connection Eludes Profiler Pat Brown

Saturday, November 19, 2011 

CNN HLN News Video missing Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Kate Markham and Paige Johnson connection linked by private investigator Bill Warner, see CNN HLN video CLICK HERE.
See link to CNN Headline NEWS video on “five missing women connection” on Facebook CLICK HERE.

There have been 5 identical cases of petite blonde haired white females who have just vanished from the face of the earth since September 23rd, 2010 and cops have no clues as to where any of then are or a suspect. In the Holly Bobo case it appears that a white male who appeared to be 5′ 10″ to 6′ 0″ tall and over 200 lbs kidnapped Holly from her carport.


Serial Killer?  In the CNN  Headline News segment that aired last night criminal profiler Pat Brown made a glaring error when she indicated that “Serial Killers” do not travel great distances to commit their crimes, whoa baby, I guess Pat Brown missed class at “Criminal Profile School 101” on the day they went over the “Zodiac” killer

Pat Brown appears to have never heard of one of the most notorious serial killers of all times, the “Zodiac” who traveled over 400 miles to commit his crimes, see link

UPDATE…..Long Distance Serial Killers Who Travel Pose Big Problems For Cops, Look At The Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy, Aileen Wuornos and the “Night Stalker”.

Five Petite Blonde Haired Women Abducted From 400 Mile Radius in Southern Midwest, In Late 1960′s The Zodiac Killer Often Travelled Over 400 Miles.

Does history repeat itself? In the late 1960′s the Zodiac Killer traveled from Napa, CA near San Francisco to Riverside, CA near Los Angeles and then back to the San Francisco area a distance of over 470 miles one way, to commit some of his crimes.

The Zodiac was never caught see link

The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who operated mostly in Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The killer’s identity remains unknown. The Zodiac murdered victims in Riverside (near LA) Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. Four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29 were targeted.

The killer originated the name “Zodiac” in a series of taunting letters sent to the local Bay Area press. These letters included four cryptograms (or ciphers). Of the four cryptograms sent, only one has been confirmed to have been decoded.

Numerous suspects have been named by law enforcement and amateur investigators, but no conclusive evidence has surfaced. In April 2004, the San Francisco Police Department marked the case “inactive,” yet re-opened the case at some point prior to March 2007. The case also remains open in the city of Vallejo, as well as in Napa County and Solano County.

The California Department of Justice has maintained an open case file on the Zodiac murders since 1969.

Cheri Jo Bates, 18: stabbed to death and nearly decapitated on October 30, 1966, at Riverside City College in Riverside CA (Near LA). Bates’ possible connection to the Zodiac only appeared four years after her murder when San Francisco Chronicle reporter Paul Avery received a tip regarding similarities between the Zodiac killings and the circumstances surrounding Bates’ death.

At the time of the murder Lee Allen was a school teacher in Calaveras County, Cal. — about 400 miles away. But nearly every weekend he traveled to Riverside where he was a car club member. On the Monday following Bates’ murder, Allen did not go to work. If Allen did commit the murder, he might have needed to allow time for scratches on his face to heal.

B.O.L.O. Sexual Predator James E. Gunterman in Southern Midwest On The Run For Two Years, He Links to Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio.

WANTED by the Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky State Police and the U.S. Marshals Service, James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman who is 5′ 11″ tall and weighs between 220 lbs and 250 lbs.. A man the size of ”Big Jim” Gunterman would have no problem in abducting any of the five petite missing women, Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson and Katelyn Markham.

James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman is a match for the man who kidnapped Holly Bobo and he continues to evade capture, time for the U.S Marshalls to kick in a few doors.

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