Cops Say: Church of Scientology Cross Necklace That Missing Orlando Mom Michele Parker Wore May Be Key Evidence.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. WFTV-9— A picture of a 33-year-old missing mother of three wearing a cross necklace was released on Wednesday, and Orlando police said the necklace may be a key piece of evidence in the case.Michelle Parker went missing on Thursday hours after an episode of “The People’s Court” aired where she appeared with her ex-fiance, Dale Smith, to argue about an engagement ring.

Parker’s family confirmed to police that she was wearing the same cross necklace at the time of her disappearance. Police said the necklace may be a key piece of evidence, and if anyone has found the necklace or has information, they should contact CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS.

3:15 p.m.: Video surveillance in an east Orange County neighborhood captured Michelle Parker driving to Dale Smith Jr.’s home to drop off their 3-year-old twins. Just minutes before she arrived, Parker and Smith, her ex-fiance, appeared in a previously taped episode of the “The People’s Court” during which they argued about a lost $5,000 engagement ring.

She was wearing a silver-cross necklace, see above — a detail revealed Wednesday — jeans and a Florida Gator’s zip-up hoodie.

•4:26 p.m.: Parker’s brother, Dustin Erickson, received a text message from his sister’s iPhone suggesting that she was in the Waterford Lakes area, also on the county’s east side.

8 p.m.: Parker’s iPhone ‘pinged’ in the area of Oak ridge Road near Belle Isle, more than seven miles from where she was last seen. Her phone was powered down in that area and has not been recovered.

The next day, police found Parker’s H3 Hummer in the parking lot of Walden Palms Apartments, 4700 Walden Circle. Decals for her Glow mobile-tanning business had been removed from the windows. From there, the trail has gone cold.

Whoa, wait just one minute here….no car-jacker is going to spend the time to remove the deacls from the windows of a vehicle he has stolen and is now dumping…expecially in the parking lot of an apartment complex…Get Real Here!

On Monday I told you about the Church of Scientology Cross Necklace that Michelle Parker was wearing, see UPDATE Another “Young Pretty Woman” Has Been Abducted, Michelle Parker, 33, Last Seen November 17th 2011 Orlando FL.

A man who worked security at the Church of Scientology called me on Monday and informed me that in the photo above Michelle Parker is wearing a eight point Church of Scientology Cross, see link to trademarked Church of Scientology jewelry

The Church of Scientology in Orlando is at 1830 E Colonial Dr which is right in the middle of where Michelle Parker’s vehicle was found and where her cell phone was last used and all the other activity.

Could Michelle Parker have sought refuge with the Church of Scientology in Orlando after she felt humiliated by the episode of the People’s Court that she appeared in and that aired on the same day she disappeared?

NUMBER IS 800-23-8477

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2 Responses to Cops Say: Church of Scientology Cross Necklace That Missing Orlando Mom Michele Parker Wore May Be Key Evidence.

  1. The Godless Cult of Sin and Greed is all that we Ex-Scientologists claim it is.
    1. It kills, beats up, harms, harasses, stalks, and in always possible victimizes any ex-member and anyone else that opposes their evil agenda.
    2. In the Sea Org., it forces its slave members to get abortions. It kills innocent babies so the mother can be more productive as a low paid slave.
    3. It uses its slaves to repair the new bought buildings with money you have donated, which remain nearly empty years later, for pennies an hour. Its non-volunteer contracted workers get the lowest wages (.10 to .40 cents an hour) in the civilized world and work the longest (70-80) hours.
    4. It exposes all your own sins and secrets in your endless Security Checks and/or required non-voluntary confessionals to bring you harm and destroy you, when you expose their evil Godless agenda and policy letters.
    5. It has its own prison camp (The Rehabilitation Project Force, or RPF– punishment duty for unsatisfactory workers and children) with Ronbot guards with automatic assault weapons, where you are sent if you fail to be very productive or angry or upset with your slavery. Slaves are not allowed to voluntarily leave or even escape and will be shot if they try. 95% of the slaves that finally are allowed to leave, soon leave the cult. The other 5% are sent to “fair game” the rest.
    6. It has broken up hundreds of thousands of families by their Godless policies of Disconnection and Fair Game. Many parents have committed suicide after losing their kids.
    7. If you oppose them, the Godless cult sends their slaves to your neighbors, job, relatives and friends to ask questions in such a way, that makes them think you are a rapist, criminal, sociopath, drug addict, child molester, Gay or Lesbian or a deviant, without any proof or verified criminal complaint. They use this Godless tactic to ruin you, cause you to get fired, and cause your friends and relatives to avoid you or even intentionally cause you to commit suicide.
    8. As a last resort they will poison your pets or let them loose to get run over, break into your house for any evidence to blackmail you, plant drugs in your car or house or hit you to make you retaliate and film you when you do, and then they will sue you and/or have you arrested.
    There are hundreds of other reasons to run from this Godless cult. But I think you get an idea of its evil.
    Please help us Independent Scientologists to bring back ethics, humanity, compassion, honesty and integrity back into the group. Help us stop them!!! Note! all the above has been verified as true over the years by Governments and hundreds of thousands of Ex-Scientologists.

  2. I’d be willing to bet it was someone that knew her, though she may necessarily have known them. Perhaps a customer, or someone that had been thinking about becoming one in the near future. He sees her on TV, compliments her. Trustworthy enough she lets him in the vehicle. If she were carjacked, she’d be dead more than likely.

    Either way, even if it were a carjacking, which I doubt, he planned it in advance. A razor scraper? Hmmm. Maybe. who would carry one? A window washer, painter, a tile setter with a long handle scraper, a sign maker, someone who installs pin strips and decals on cars, and the list goes on.

    Not a carjacker because a Hummer would be worth a lot. A people-jacker. Perhaps they saw her on TV, did some research and hunted her down. I noticed during the Anthony trial that state is filled with those type of weirdos-citizen caning types, that is.

    She does things that make no sense. Her hair part comes to mind. Instead of parting it somewhere that would better frame her face, she is convinced the status quo works for her. Her work is fake tanning, while she lives in the sunshine state? She throws away an “engagement” ring given by the father of her children. What? Sounds like they were already married if not legally. She throws out $5000 like it was nothing! It is someone else’s fault. Fake responsibility. She weaves and bobs her head as if she were arguing with or as a black woman. Fake aggression. Hummer vehicle. Fake tank. Glittery camouflage cap shown in picture. Glamour army? a cross? Their main argument evolved around arguments based on drinking. Fake sentiments.

    Just my opinion

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