Amanda Bach Murder Case

Friday, January 06, 2012 

UPDATE 2/16/2012 … BILL WARNER PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR ON AMANDA BACH MURDER CASE, THERE IS NO CONNECTION TO ANY OTHER CASE…..The phone call I got from someone claiming to be a police officer, on Jan 5th, 2012, concerning the Amanda Bach murder case came from phone line, 219-662-3245, which is registered to the Crown Point Police Department. 

I took what the police officer told me that day as fact about specific aspects of the Amanda Bach murder case and possible links to other unsolved cases, but now that I know the police officer who called me on the registered phone line to the Crown Point Police Department is the father of murder suspect Dustin Mccowan, serious doubt comes into play about the truthfulness of what was said and just what the hell was Crown Point police officer Elliott McCowan trying to do, “I feel like I’m getting played here by a cop“.. see link to news article CLICK HERE.

Sunday, December 25, 2011, Amanda Bach murder suspect’s trial pushed back, the murder trial for a Northwest Indiana man has been pushed back seven months. Dustin McCowan is accused of killing 19-year old Amanda Bach of Portage. He was scheduled to go on trial January 30th 2012, but now a judge has pushed it back to August 2012.  

Defense attorney Robert Harper had argued the prosecution had collected no evidence that tied McCowan directly to the murder. There was no evidence where the body was found and no evidence found in the McCowan home when police searched it, Harper said. Police aren’t sure where Bach was shot, and test results have not come back from FBI laboratories, including DNA on a red spot found in the McCowan home.  “They jumped the gun,” Harper said. 

In a phone conversation on Thursday 1/05/2012  with Law Enforcement in Indiana, I was asked if I knew how Karen Swift had been murdered, (shot, strangled, knifed?), was the body of Karen Swift moved from where her car was found, how close was Karen Swift’s body found near to a cemetery and was Karen Swift’s body found with or without clothes.


UPDATE On Sex Offender James Gunterman Who Works As A Mechanic And Truck Driver Out of Louisville KY, US Marshalls Are Looking for You.

It appears that sex offender James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman travels the Quad State area of KY, TN, Ind and Ohio working as a car/truck mechanic, doing body work and painting cars/trucks, he also works as a truck driver. James Gunterman jr. is most likely is driving a van of some sort.  James E. Gunterman jr. works for cash only, off the books, and does not use his social security number.  James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman flys under the cop’s radar with good reason.


FBI……..Holly Bobo in Darden TN was kidnapped by a man wearing camouflage clothing, possibly someone involved with survival skills and firearm expertise.

There has been a series of abduction, kidnappings, missing person cases and murders of petite females since early 2009, all the cases appear, now, to be unsolved.
1). Amanda Bach appears to have been killed by Dustin McCowan.

2). Lauren Spierer is 4′ 11′ tall and weighs 95 lbs she is 20 years old she has shoulder-length blond hair, missing/abducted June 3rd, 2011.
3). Holly Bobo is 5′ 3″ tall and weighs 110 lbs she is 20 years old she has shoulder-length blond hair, kidnapped April 13th, 2011.
4). Paige Johnson is 5′ 1″ tall and weighs 110 lbs she is now 18 years old she has shoulder-length blond hair, missing Sept. 23rd 2010.
5). Crystal Hall, 27, is very petite at 5′ 3″ tall, weighs 105 pounds she has shoulder-length red hair and brown eyes, missing March 3rd, 2009.
6). Karen Swift was 44 years old (looked younger) 5′ 5″ tall 130 lbs and had shoulder length blond hair, murdered October 30th, 2011.
7). Katelyn Markham, 22, is 5′ 3″ tall 130 lbs and has shoulder length blond/brown hair, missing August 13th, 2011.


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    I am not sure if anyone has yet to think of this…myself being from Utah, having family in Ohio, I have followed the Markham case. Susan Powell. Missing without a trace…blonde…young…slender. Food for thought, maybe Josh Powell is telling the truth.

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