FOX NEWS: Detective Carrie Huskinson Calls On Feds To Take Over Yaser Said ‘Honor Killing’ Investigation But Carrie Huskinson Is Not a Detective.

Friday, July 13, 2012

FOX NEWS…Carrie Huskinson a “private investigator” who probed the 2008 case of  Texas taxi driver Yaser Said who allegedly murdered his daughters in an “honor killing” has appealed to the Department of Justice and other federal agencies to take over the investigation, saying local authorities have hopelessly botched the investigation. Carrie Huskinson, who initially investigated murder suspect Yaser Said on behalf of a Dallas newspaper, then worked for a relative of Amina and Sarah Said.

The Irving Police Department is hiding their failures in this case,” Carrie Huskinson told She said cops in Irving, part of the Dallas metro area, failed to interview Amina and Sarah’s brother, Islam, or the boyfriends of the murdered teens on the night of the murders, even though they were available, said Carrie Huskinson.

Carrie Huskinson is NOT a private investigator, she never completed her PI application in Texas, her first day on the job was 1/01/2008 the same day Amina and Sarah Said were murdered. This woman, Carrie Huskinson, has the nerve to criticize the Irving Police Department when she never even completed her PI application and has no legal right investigating the Yaser Said murder case for ANYONE !

It is a violation of the Texas Occupations Code to advertise, solicit business, bid on contracts or perform any investigative services without being properly licensed. Violations can result in administrative and civil penalties as well as criminal filings against the violator.

I do not like it when someone like Carrie Huskinson gets involved in a high profile murder case and misrepresent herself as to who or what she is, this woman, Carrie Huskinson, is not licensed as a private investigator in Texas.  See

Abandoned… Following notice, applicant Carrie Huskinson has failed to timely complete an application. A new application must be submitted;
Person Details
Gender: F
Registration Details
Private Investigator …..Status Abandoned
Hire Date 1/01/2008.

Carrie Huskinson has in the past indicated that she was a private detective in Idaho, there are only four states in the USA that do not require a license to be a private investigator, Idaho is one of the  four unregulated states. Before you hire a private investigator or private detective check out if they are who they say they are, contact you State Division of Licensing.

As per the Texas Department of Public Safety at 512-424-7293, Carrie Huskinson was NEVER issued a license to become a private investigator. A call to her former employer (as per the Texas Department of Public Safety) WILLIAM C DEAR ASSOCIATES, INC. in Texas at 254-993-1170 indicates they have no knowledge of Carrie Huskinson or where she is.

My “theories” are based on facts pure and simple, I have been a private investigator for 18 years, I am licensed by the State of Florida and I own a Private Detective Agency. I have worked as a paid confidential informant (CI) for several Federal law enforcement agencies who have used my “theories” to formulate major investigations that led to arrests and deportation of criminals, that’s my story!


License Number…. Expires…. ……Status
C 9900446……………06/09/2015 …LICENSE ISSUED

License Number… Expires…. ……Status
A 9500364…………. 07/16/2016… LICENSE ISSUED
Physical Address
(941) 926-1926

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