VIDEO: Anonymous Warning To Mayor Buckhorn And RNC Protesters Black Bloc Will Take Our Battle To The Streets of Tampa, Blood to Flow.

Saturday, July 14, 2012 

VIDEO ABOVE, BLACK BLOC TERRORISTS THREATEN VIOLENCE AT TAMPA RNC: Anonymous Warning To Mayor Buckhorn And RNC Protesters Black Bloc Will Take Our Battle To The Streets of Tampa, Blood to Flow. The video includes scenes of Occupy Wall Street protests and police violence. Much of the video is of a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask walking outdoors near cabbage palms – the video is altered by an electronic effect.

Here are some quotes from the video: “Mayor Bob Buckhorn has created “Clean Zones” … a desperate effort to put up more anti-constitutional walls attempting to block our righteous path to true freedom.” “When protest becomes illegal there is no other option left but to fight. No one rules if no one obeys. Therefore Mayor Bob Buckhorn can shove his authoritarian “Clean Zones” up his Ass.”

“We have come to a point in time where it is obvious that marching around with signs will not have a further effect on this system of enslavement. “What will have an effect is thousands of us who desire true freedom bursting through the streets with our iron-clad fists of revolution ready to crush the oppressors. “So, it’s time, warriors of internet [inaudible] Black Bloc to the buildings that contain the corporations and governments that oppress us and show the system what it truly means to resist. “A [inaudible] will soon appear on prior to the start of the RNC as a starting point.”

“Together united by 1 divided by 0 the activists traveling to RNC from around the nation can take over the city of Tampa. “Republican National Convention August 27, 2012 is the day we take our battle to the streets of Tampa.” 

YOUTUBE VIDEO by Victor Robert
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Cops in the Tampa area need to gear up with rubber bullets and tear gas, shoot on sight “Black bloc” should be the order of the day.  5,000 cops will be brought in from surrounding areas and from out of state, helicopters with the latest in high speed down load video equipment, three armored SWAT vehicles, new cameras hidden all over the city and plenty of tear gas and rubber bullets, lots of rubber bullets  (aim for the face and knock out their teeth).


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