Bikini Blogger Pamela Geller Slams FBI For Not Doing Enough In Catching Honor Killer Yaser Said, Geller Says PI Carrie Huskinson Is Doing a Better Job

Monday, July 16, 2012 

Lunatic Fringe Bikini Blogger Pamela Geller Slams FBI For Not Doing Enough In Catching Honor Killer Yaser Said, Pamela Geller Says PI Carrie Huskinson Is Doing a Better Job, Oh Really?

PAMELA GELLERS’s B/S AMERICAN THINKER ARTICLE July 15th, 2012….The honor killing of Amina and Sarah Said on January 1, 2008 is emblematic of the government’s and media establishment’s indifference to the plight of all too many Muslim women and girls in the United States today. Over four years after their father, Yaser Abdel Said, brutally murdered them, not only is Yaser still at large, but a private investigator now says that Texas investigators are ignoring considerable evidence that Patricia “Tissy” Said, Yaser’s wife and the girls’ mother, was complicit in the killings.


Thanks to political correctness and the lies of the Islamic media machine, law enforcement authorities in the U.S. are abysmally ignorant about Islamic honor killing. One of the many things they overlook is how the other family members usually approve of the killings, and often help commit them. But now Carrie Huskinson, a retired private investigator (WTF) who has been investigating the murders of Amina and Sarah on her own for four years, has written to the FBI to file a formal complaint against Patricia Said. Huskinson wants Patricia Said charged under Title 18, sec. 241 U.S.C. Conspiracy Against Civil Rights, for her involvement in an actual conspiracy to violate the civil rights of Amina Said that led to the murders of Amina and Sarah.

The media has subjugated itself to Islamic supremacism (WTF) and would not say what these murders really were. And so as the West failed them in life, we too failed them in death. The FBI should heed Carrie Huskinson and charge Patricia Said (and Islam Said) with conspiracy against civil rights. Even if only in death, Amina and Sarah Said deserve justice.

FOX NEWS: Detective Carrie Huskinson Calls On Feds To Take Over Yaser Said ‘Honor Killing’ Investigation But Carrie Huskinson Is Not a Detective, Never Was.  Carrie Huskinson is NOT a private investigator, she never completed her PI application in Texas, her first day on the job was 1/01/2008 the same day Amina and Sarah Said were murdered. This woman, Carrie Huskinson, has the nerve to criticize the Irving Police Department and the FBI when she never even completed her PI application in Texas and has no legal right investigating the Yaser Said murder case for ANYONE !

I do not like it when someone like Carrie Huskinson gets involved in a high profile murder case and misrepresents herself as to who or what she is, this woman, Carrie Huskinson, is not and was not licensed as a private investigator in Texas, never was.  See

Carrie Huskinson has in the past indicated that she was a private detective in Idaho, there are only four states in the USA that do not require a license to be a private investigator, Idaho is one of the  four unregulated states. Before you hire a private investigator or private detective check out if they are who they say they are, contact you State Division of Licensing.

As per the Texas Department of Public Safety at 512-424-7293, Carrie Huskinson was NEVER issued a license to become a private investigator. A call to her former employer (as per the Texas Department of Public Safety) WILLIAM C DEAR ASSOCIATES, INC. in Texas at 254-993-1170 indicates they have no knowledge of Carrie Huskinson or where she is.

Pamela Geller and this phony private investigator Carrie Huskinson have no clue as to what the FBI is doing in the pursuit of honor killer Yaser Said.  See Fox video above for the real information and update about ‘on the run honor killer Yaser Said and his possible location in New York City as a Taxi Driver.

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