MOVIE: Batman vs. Occupy Black Bloc Inspires James Holmes December 18th, 2011.

Monday, July 23, 2012 

Batman, The Dark Knight Rises…and Occupy Wall Street Falls By . Batman vs. Occupy.  To recap the relevant part of the story: The movie starts with Gotham City cleaned free of gangs by virtue of the late Attorney General Harvey Dent’s law — a law that brings the hammer down on organized crime, crushing it, perhaps at the cost of liberty, but certainly at the cost of truth — for Harvey Dent was the violently schizoid villain of the last Batman film, whom Batman killed but then allowed to be lionized in order that a cult of personality would allow Dent’s signature law to be carried out.  

In the current film, Bain, played by strongman Tom Hardy, is the main villain against Batman, and is a product of a prison system that is basically governed by Anarchy — that is, the strongest survive. Bain encourages the “People” to take back their wealth from the 1%, to govern themselves, basically everyman for himself, with a former Batman nemesis, Scarecrow, running a Kangaroo court that is so corrupt it doesn’t even bother with trials, just sentencing: Die or face Exile – which turns out to be basically the same thing as it entails walking out onto the East River’s (the set city is actually New York — Hollywood’s favorite city to blow up) thin ice.   Only the Fat Cats, the resisting police, and other “enemies of the people” are set out on the ice, READ THE ARTICLE CLICK HERE.

FILMING ‘THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’: The Trump Tower New York City replaced the Richard J. Daley Center as the location for the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises. In November 2011, shooting shifted to Newark, New Jersey.  December 18th, 2011 a theatrical teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was attached to theatrical prints of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Like the teaser trailer, the theatrical trailer was also leaked online before being released the following week.  “‘Dark Knight Rises’ Official Trailer Leaked, Watch Here Now [VIDEO“]. International Business Times (Etienne Uzac). December 18, 2011.  Critics noted political undertones to the trailer, with dialogue foreshadowing the theme of income inequality and an “Occupy Gotham” campaign within the world of the story.

TIMELINE: Batman fanatic James Holmes would have known about the theme of the new Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on December 18th, 2011, it was all over the internet. It has been reported that James Holmes had been stock piling guns, ammo and bomb making material ‘months’ before he struck on Friday July 20th. 2012.

 According to CBS, NBC and ABC News, dirtball James Holmes spent $15,000 on guns, ammo and bomb making material since at least December 18th, 2011 up to July 18th, 2012.  Dirtball James Holmes was pulling down $1,700 per month through his Federal grant at the University of Colorado of which he paid rent, internet access, adult dating services, food, transportation, gas, car insurance etc., etc.. The numbers do not compute, out of the $1,700 stipend he would spend at least $1,500 just getting by, so where did the extra $16 Grand come from, who or what group financed this dirtball.

So does the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ slam of the OWS and the Black Bloc inspire nut job James Holmes to take action and seek payback by shooting up the Aurora movie theater killing 12 and wounding at least 58. 

So does the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ slam of the OWS and the Black Bloc inspire nut job James Holmes to take action and booby-trap his apartment with fire-bombs in hopes of blowing up cops who he knew would swarm his apartment after the Movie Massacre.

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