‘Dream Hotel West 55th Street’ Possibly The Worst Hotel in Metro New York City, Over Charging, Double Billing and Oh Yeah, Rape.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a few days ago I stayed at the so-called Dream Hotel 210 West 55th Street New York City NY, I was working on background material for a high profile case and the client had chosen the Hotel and pre-paid the room costs for two days, $645.24. Upon my arrival at the Dream Hotel 210 West 55th Street I was asked for my credit card just in case their were any additional charges, OK that is standard operating procedures for Hotels. 

I was approached by a man in the Dream Hotel lobby, on my way to a bank of elevators, who appeared to be linked to the Dream Hotel he had a walki-talki in his right hand and an access card looped around his neck, he asked me how was my night going and was I alone, he got in the elevator with me, from my demeanor and stone cold face reply he got the message to back off. When I got off the elevator on the fourth floor for room #408, I was immediately face to face with a 8 foot high-10 foot long mural of a woman with bare breasts, I felt this odd, my first thought was, “is the Dream Hotel promoting hookers“?

My stay at the so-called ‘Dream Hotel’ 210 West 55th Street was a nightmare, the front desk goofballs neglected to advise me that directly across the street there was a construction project going on and the the construction company had obtained a permit that allowed them to work up to 2:00 AM, that is right 2:00AM.

The construction workers across the street from the so-called ‘Dream Hotel’ 210 West 55th Street were removing old sheet rock and metal debris from a re-habed office building, they had 3 oversized garbage trucks with large metal dumpsters and they continued slamming the empty metal dumpsters on the street and sidewalk up until 2:00 AM, my room was four floors above what sounded like cannon fire.

Early the following day I checked out of the not so ‘Dream Hotel’ 210 West 55th Street and inquired of the goofball desk clerk if the billing had been taken care and that no charges would appear on my credit card, goofball said sure no problem.  Two days later I discovered that the not so ‘Dream Hotel’ had charged my credit card $372.62 for my one night stay and that they had also charged my client for the same room on the same night, “buyer beware”.

Just last year a TV segment was aired by ”INSIDE EDITION ”as they Investigated Hotel Sex Offenders in which INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero went undercover to expose whether sex offenders should be given jobs at Hotels that allow them to interact with families and children. Similar to the “INSIDE EDITION” Investigation into Hotel Sex Offenders was the story of a rape at the Dream Hotel in New York City by a employee upon a female guest in her room, see info below;


NOW FOR THE RAPE AT THE ‘DREAM HOTEL’.  Police arrested a 27-year-old hotel worker accused of sexually assaulting a female guest inside the Dream Hotel on West 55th Street. The perp — identified as Jaime Marin Lopez Mendoza — allegedly forced himself upon the 27-year-old victim while she was sleeping just before 4 am, according to NY1.

The station reported that the victim and her boyfriend were “very drunk” when they returned to the hotel and had trouble getting into their room. Mendoza was summoned to help the couple into the room and either stayed there, or let himself back in after the victim fell asleep, according to reports. The victim claims that when she awoke, the Dream Hotel employee was raping her.

The woman screamed and the suspect fled from the room, but he has since been apprehended. Another hotel guest heard the woman shouting: “There was girl standing down the hallway, and when I said, ‘Please be quiet!,’ she started talking about some man trying to have sex with her.”

Jaime Lopez Mendoza Court ApppearanceNew York’s Dream Hotel Sued by Rape Victim: A 28-year-old Rhode Island tourist is suing the Dream Hotel in New York after an employee was convicted of raping her in her room. The victim, who was sexually attacked at about 3 a.m. in December 2009 while she was sleeping in her room, filed suit yesterday. Her suit seeks unspecified damages from corporate parent Surrey Hotel Associates for the alleged negligent hiring, supervision and training of Jaime Marin Lopez, the New York Post reports. In January, Mendoza was convicted of first-degree rape and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

No “Dreams’ at Dream Hotel, Nightmares only.

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com

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One Response to ‘Dream Hotel West 55th Street’ Possibly The Worst Hotel in Metro New York City, Over Charging, Double Billing and Oh Yeah, Rape.

  1. jane doe says:

    a simular incident happen to me at a hotel in mount pleasant mi, hotels need more rules and better background checks on who they hire, my suit has been filed aswell. i wonder how many women have to endure this ? Hotels need to beef up security and add more cameras.. the nightmare i am living due to this is never going to go away,praying to forget that night, praying that this doesnt happen to any more women , but doubtful..:(

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