Explorers Find Downed Nazi U-550 Sub Just Miles Off Nantucket Island 70 years After it Was Sank by The US Navy.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Explorers Find Downed Nazi U-550 Sub Just Miles Off Nantucket Island 70 years After it Was Sank by The US Navy.  BOSTON – Divers have discovered a World War II-era German submarine nearly 70 years after it sank under withering U.S. attack in waters off Nantucket. The U-550 was found Monday by a privately funded group organized by New Jersey lawyer Joe Mazraani. It was the second trip in two years to the site by the team, some of whom had been searching for the lost U-boat for two decades.

Using side-scan sonar, the seven-man team located the wreck listing to its side in deep water about 70 miles south of Nantucket. Sonar operator Garry Kozak said he spotted the 252-foot submarine during the second of an exhausting two days of searching. Kozak said the team asked him if they’d found it, then erupted in joy without a word from him. “They could see it with the grin (on my face) and the look in my eyes,” Kozak said. On April 16, 1944, the U-550 torpedoed the gasoline tanker SS Pan Pennsylvania, which had lagged behind its protective convoy as it set out with 140,000 barrels of gasoline for Great Britain, according to the U.S. Coast Guard website and research by Mazraani.

The U-boat slipped under the doomed tanker to hide. But one of the tanker’s three escorts, the USS Joyce, saw it on sonar and severely damaged it by dropping depth charges. The Germans, forced to surface, manned their deck guns while another escort vessel, the USS Gandy, returned fire and rammed the U-boat. The third escort, the USS Peterson, then hit the U-boat with two more depth charges. The crew abandoned the submarine, but not before setting off explosions to scuttle it. The submarine hadn’t been seen again until Monday, read more at FOX NEWS.
 The wreck of U-550 was discovered off the coast of Massachusetts on 23 July 2012, in waters about 70 miles south of Nantucket. A team of seven divers, lead by New Jersey attorney Joe Mazraani, located the wreck using sonar after a multi-year search. The team members were Joe Mazraani, Garry Kozak, Tom Packer, Steve Gatto, Eric Takakjian, Anthony Tedeschi and Brad Sheard.

Mazraani said the next step is to contact any sailors or their families from the escort vessels, the tanker and the German U-boat to share the news and show the pictures. Another trip to the site is coming, he said, adding the investigation has just started.

On April 16, 1944 the Nazi sub U-550 was in US waters only 70 miles off of Nantucket Island Mass, Hitler’s Navy had a presence up and down the East Coast of the USA in the early 1940’s.

Treasure Hunters Claim They’ve Found $Billions in Ship Sunk By a Nazi U-Boat 62 Miles Off Cape Cod MA.   “There’s 71 tons of platinum, there’s some gold ingots and there’s also some uncut diamonds, industrial diamonds, that were on the Port Nicholson,” said Capt. Gary Esper. He’s one member of the team hoping to bring the goods to the surface. “I like to call us explorers rather than treasure hunters because treasure hunters have a bad name these days so we just went out there looking for the ship,” said Esper.

The S.S. Port Nicholson was torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1942 during World War II. According to Esper, research shows the vessel drifted before finally sinking, plunging 700 feet into the depths of Georges Bank, a popular fishing channel littered with shipwrecks (sunk by Nazi U-boats) and known for strong currents and turbulent weather.

How did a Nazi U-Boat get that close to the USA in 1942, only 60 some miles from Cape Cod, where they also in Boston Harbor? Admiral Karl Donitz, the commander of all Nazi U-boats based in France. Donitz had two submarines capable of attacking the US: Type IXB and IXC.

When Donietz requested the use of 12 IX Type U-boats for his operation to attack the USA, he received a lukewarm response from Hitler, in fact, all of the available U-boats were already in use and on station—but for five, which happen to be the advanced IX Type! These were: U-123, U-130, U-66, U-109, and U-125. Two were IXB types, the remaining were IXC types. Their captains were briefed and told to not expose themselves unless the target was at least 10000 tons while in American waters, these subs could linger around for 2-3 weeks time before returning.

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