Occupy Oakland and Violent Black Bloc Riot Dragging a American Flag In The Street As Protesters Vandalize Oakland PD Over FBI’s Black Bloc Investigation

Saturday, August 04, 2012 

Disgusting ‘Black Bloc’ members of the Occupy Movement ramp up the violence in Oakland CA in preparation for the blood bath scheduled for the Tampa RNC. Ongoing FBI investigation into activities by the Occupy movement’s “Black Bloc.”

NEW YORK TIMES By JONATHAN MAHLER Published: August 3, 2012, Oakland, the Last Refuge of Radical America. Oakland CA, An Occupy organizer reminded protesters to take down the toll-free number for the National Lawyers Guild (NLG): “This is important. Do not put it in your cellphones, because if you get arrested, the cops will take those away. Write it on your bodies. In indelible ink. There are Sharpies on the table.”

Thousands of Occupy protesters met at various “strike stations” and fanned out into the streets of Oakland with shields and gas masks (or the homemade alternative: bandannas soaked in vinegar), transforming downtown Oakland into a roving carnival of keyed-up militants of every shape and size: graduate students, tenured professors, professional revolutionaries, members of the Black Bloc, dressed like ninjas, their faces obscured, see photo below.

A barefoot man known as Running Wolf grabbed an American flag from outside a popular cop bar and dragged it behind him. Packs of protesters charged into businesses, overturning tables, shattering windows and smashing A.T.M.’s. An activist spray-painted vulgarities on the window of a Bank of America branch. The Menace was loose again, as Hunter S. Thompson wrote about a different group of rabble-rousers, the Hell’s Angels.

Occupy Oakland Protesters and “Black Bloc” Smash Up Obama Campaign Office During March Friday Night.  Between 100 and 200 Occupy protesters marched through downtown Oakland, Calif. Friday night, smashing several car windows and the glass front of President Barack Obama’s local campaign office, according to media reports. The protesters had taken to the streets after being denied a permit to demonstrate at a monthly art walk, San Francisco ABC affiliate KGO-TV reported. Several Obama campaign volunteers were working inside the office when the window was smashed with bricks, according to KGO.

Protesters Vandalize Oakland PD over FBI’s Black Bloc Investigation: The FBI has performed multiple raids of homes belonging to suspected anarchists in Portland, Oregon and in Olympia and Seattle, Washington. Five grand jury subpoenas have been issued in connection with the searches. Photos from a raid carried out in Portland show law enforcement seizing computers and boxes from a home. The raids appear to be part of an FBI investigation into activities by the Occupy movement’s “black bloc.”

Seattle PD has an open investigation on the May Day vandalism, and members of a Seattle SWAT team raided a home belonging to Occupy Seattle organizers in early July. The FBI-led raids in Olympia and Portland are believed to be part of the same investigation. A page taken from the search warrants served in the raids suggests the FBI is investigating the black bloc militants who are responsible for vandalism connected to the Occupy movement. The warrant specifically cites “black clothing” that may have been worn during the commission of crimes and “anti-government or anarchist literature.”


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