VIDEO: Anonymous RNC Battle Objectives Preparedness Plan To Jam Police Radios, Disable Surveillance Cameras and Destroy Tampa Corporate Locations.

Thursday, August 23, 2012 

The dirtbags at Anonymous and Occupy ‘Black Bloc’ ramp up for action at the Tampa RNC with detailed information on how to shut down police radios with a RF Jammer, location of surveillance cameras around Tampa and instructions to “disabled them by any means necessary whether it be by hacking or other means and of course a map of corrupt corporate headquarters around Tampa and that they should be ‘dealt with’The dirtbags at Anonymous and Occupy ‘Black Bloc’ also plan on tearing down the fencing around Tampa and the RNC, “light weight fencing and can be pulled down to allow activists further passage into the city“, they show in the video on how to take apart the fences and use the fences as weapons. See the Youtube video at 

RNC Camera Locations Anonymous and Occupy ‘Black Bloc’ plan to disable surveillance cameras. Aware Digital was awarded a multi-million dollar contract to install about 90 high-def cameras around the downtown Tampaarea and a wireless network to connect the cameras. 63 of the cameras have pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ in CCTV lingo) capabilities which means that they can be remotely aimed and the zoom is an impressive 20x optical. 31 fixed point cameras have been installed, mostly to watch the Tampa Police Department and its parking garage. We have concentrated on mapping the cameras meant to watch you.

Anonymous RNC Battle Objectives Preparedness Plan To Jam Police Radios, Disable Surveillance Cameras and Destroy Tampa Corporate Locations.
1). To download application that will allow real time viewing of RNC camera locations go to
2). To view corporate locations around Tampa go to
Greetings we are anonymous. The Republican National Convention is coming. Mean while many activists are probably wondering what the plan is? Every battle must have a plan of action. There are some objectives that should be completed at the Republican National Convention this August to give us all a tactical advantage.

As some of you may know there are cameras all around the city designed to watch protesters and gather evidence to put activists in jail. A programmer by the name of Jon Gales has created an application that maps out the locations of these cameras for you in real time. You can get this application for your smart phone at At the RNC protest these cameras should be disabled by any means necessary whether it be by hacking or other means.

Police at RNC will be relying on their radio communications to perform tactical strategies to stop us. It would be wise to jam up Police radio communications with the use of a Radio Frequency Jamming Devices. Those of you with the knowledge to create an RF Jammer should create one and those of you with the financial ability to purchase one should do so and bring it to the RNC. It is also recommended that anyone with a smart phone download a police scanner application that will allow you to listen in on police communications.

After mayor bob buckhorns creation of the RNC clean zones there most likely will be walls up somewhere in RNC to prevent us from going places where we should not be. These walls are usually made up of light weight fencing and can be pulled down to allow activists further passage into the city. Try to concentrate on knocking the wall down where police are less concentrated. Taking down these walls is an important objective.

All over the city of Tampa there are corrupt corporate headquarters. A map of the locations to where these corporate places can be found at These corporate places should be dealt with. But the small businesses should be left alone, unless of coarse there is a Mitt Romney sticker in their window. Ha ha ha.

We advise anyone who is going to RNC to bring some kind of respiration device to protect their lungs. This could be a gas mask or a respirator for painting that is equipped with a filter. To protect yourself from rubber bullets one should have some kind of helmet, shin guards, knee pads and a protest sign made of hard material that can double as a protective shield. Chest protection can also be useful such as a life vest or some kind of small chest guard such as the ones dirt bikers use. If you are a nurse or have any kind of medical skill please wear something that tells others you are a medic. Such as a white t shirt with a red cross on it would be fine. And carry a backpack full of medical supplies.

  It is important to avoid clashing with police while completing these objectives to avoid jail or injury unless you are left no other choice. He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious. Pay close attention to the movements of police very often they will try to trap activists by surrounding them. Do not allow yourself to be caught in this situation for you surely will be doomed. If you are a soldier or belong to a militia form a barrier between police and protesters. If you are a journalist or photographer be sure to get footage of police brutality that will occur. Tampa is our city the peoples city. Lets take it back. Lets make this the beginning of our long awaited revolution. It is time for the peoples uprising. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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