Blogger Scott Creighton Slams Cops at Tampa RNC Likens them to Storm Troopers

Saturday, August 25, 2012 

Blogger Scott Creighton implies that Anonymous and the Occupy black bloc ‘demonstrators’ heading to the RNC are just a kind and gentle bunch and the Tampa Police Dept and the Hillsborough County Sheriff Dept are storm troopers..Welcome to the RNC Convention Tampa circa 1968. When you consider that all this fuss is being made over a planned peaceful protest march of a piddly 5,000 people, you have to wonder.Here’s how those 5,000 labor, peace, and student activists will be greeted by our friendly little city…see photo below.

The Hillsborough County sheriff has posted a cryptic and threatening letter to the protesters coming to Tampa… along with a nice photo of their new “tactical gear.Greetings to all of you commie Peace Activists! They set the Orient Rd facility up as a McDonald’s justice processing station.Welcome to 1968! from the city of Tampa, by Scott Creighton.  Read it all from this P.O.S. Scott Creighton, see here

VIDEO: Anonymous RNC Battle Objectives Preparedness Plan To Jam Police Radios, Disable Surveillance Cameras and Destroy Tampa Corporate Locations.  The dirtbags at Anonymous and Occupy ‘Black Bloc’ ramp up for action at the Tampa RNC with detailed information on how to shut down police radios with a RF Jammer, location of surveillance cameras around Tampa and instructions to “disabled them by any means necessary whether it be by hacking or other means and of course a map of corrupt corporate headquarters around Tampa and that they should be ‘dealt with’

The dirtbags at Anonymous and Occupy ‘Black Bloc’ also plan on tearing down the fencing around Tampa and the RNC, “light weight fencing and can be pulled down to allow activists further passage into the city“, they show in the video on how to take apart the fences and use the fences as weapons.  See the Youtube video at 

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