UPDATE Occupy Black Bloc Goon Dominick Delarosa Arrested During Tampa RNC March While Cops Find 50 Bottles Filled With a Liquid on Ybor City Roof.

Monday, August 27, 2012 


BAY NEWS 9 TAMPA: — Tampa police arrested a Republican National Convention protester Monday. They say he refused to remove a mask that covered part of his face. Dominick Delarosa, 19, of Tampa was charged with having prohibited materials in the event zone.

Protesters associated with the Occupy movement blocked traffic outside the Tampa, Fla., arena where the Republican National Convention kicked off today, leading to one arrest and police pursuit of several others who were “running through the downtown area,” chief of police Castor said.

A spontaneous march made up of 25 to 30 masked protesters originated about 3 p.m. at the “Romneyville” tent city, several blocks from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, site of the convention.  Romneyville tent city behind Army Navy Surplus Market 1312 North Tampa Street Tampa, FL see map CLICK HERE.

According to police, officers on bicycles were following and surrounding a group of protestors when they asked two men to remove their (black bandana) masks. One man complied. However, when Delarosa did not, officers took him to an SUV and drove away.

Protesters with violent past plan to attend RNC: The YouTube video is blurry, the voice on the recording intentionally distorted. A person sits behind a desk wearing a smiling Guy Fawkes mask, holds papers in a mock newscast, and issues a call for action.  The video encourages militias, computer hackers and activists to descend on the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.
“We hope to see a large amount of freedom fighters, Occupy protesters, militias and other groups that are against the tyrannical rule of our current so-called government,” the voice says.  According to CNN, the document says the FBI in March had information that extremists planned to try to close all of the Tampa Bay-area bridges and use improvised explosive devices.

ABC ACTION NEWS TAMPA: Reports that the Tampa Police Department found 50 glass bottles on a roof top in Ybor City, just NE of  Downtown Tampa, all of the glass bottles were filled with a liquid that has been determined to be non-flamable. Occupy Black Bloc goons usually fill such bottles with vinegar and then throw the bottles at cops.


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