Tampa Top Cop Jane Castor Shuts Door On Occupy Black Bloc Troublemakers at RNC, No Other City Has Been Able to Control Black Bloc.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tampa Police Department Boss Jane Castor has been able to do what no other Police Department in the world has been able to do in shutting down the violent anarchists from Black Bloc and Anonymous.  As far back as the WTO protest in Seattle WA, (the ‘Battle of Seattle’ 1999), Black Bloc type anarchists have tore apart cities destroying public and private property and the national guard had to be called out to stop the carnage. In Tampa these Black Bloc dirtballs were run out of town with no damage to local shop owners or our public property, “Oorah” TPD boss Jane Castor.

UPDATE..Friday August 31st, 2012. CBS 10 NEWS TV TAMPA. And police say the threat of violence was real. Sanitary workers found caches of poles and bricks in unusual places. Undercover intelligence revealed that some protesters had weapons in their backpacks, see the guy above.  However, a strong showing of force and a willingness to de-escalate tensions proved successful.  “They were wanting to feed off our aggression. We didn’t give them that and as a result, we just shut’em down,” said Col. Ed Duncan of the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office.

On Tuesday August 28th, 2012 at 1:58 pm I was again at Freedom Park where I spotted the dark hair mystery man and his pal,a white and male with long red hair this time the two them were walking away from Freedom Park on N. Albany Ave, this was very odd as there was a unscheduled march to downtown Tampa that was to start at 2:00 pm. I followed the dark hair mystery man and his pal as they walked up N. Albany To W. Chestnut St to an old run down house in the 2100 block of W. Chestnut St. The dark hair mystery man was carrying a rather large fanny pack type black bag with a big red cross on it, the dark hair mystery man was not one of the protesters ‘street medics’. The dark hair mystery man and his pal went into the house in the 2100 block of W. Chestnut St., they were inside for about 5 minutes they came out and the fanny pack type black bag with a big red cross on it seemed somewhat stuffed and pushed out.

NYPD Boss Ray Kelly has had access to much, much more cash from the DHS than the $50 Million Tampa had and NYPD Boss Ray Kelly has 38,000 cops, that is 7 times more than the force in Tampa Fl but NYPD Boss Ray Kelly was never able to control the Occupy Black Bloc goons like Tampa PD Boss Jane Castor.  Tampa Fl is the blue print for security at all major political conventions and International WTO’s and G-8’s to come. TPD Chief Castor said, “I’m very, very proud of all of the men and women in law enforcement” who assisted and said “they showed a great deal of patience and restraint.” I followed a protest march from Freedom Park on W Main St in Tampa on Tuesday August 28th that ended up at the Romneyville dirtbag tent city.  During this march I was aware of Black Bloc anarchists, from out of town, who were in the march, they were up to no good, but as the march progressed to the back side of the Univ of Tampa I witnessed how the Tampa PD neutralized these goons and at one point when they were blocking traffic. I was right behind the blue Ford Explorer SUV of TPD boss Jane Castor, she got out of the vehicle and come around to open the rear hatch and for some unknown reason she turned around and smiled at me, I was kinda stunned, these Black bloc dirtballs were causing trouble but this top cop had time to smile at a citizen stuck in traffic behind a protest march, very impressed.

The Black Bloc Occupy protesters have had violent confrontations with cops in Cleveland, Chicago, New York City, Oakland CA and Seattle WA but in Tampa they were reduced to nothing but a bunch of whiny, scared little boys who were nothing like the Black Bloc protesters in other cities, Tampa RNC had the Occupy Black Bloc wussies and they ran them out of town.

The police presence in the ‘Tampa Combat Zone’ had been so overwhelming that whatever the Occupy Black Bloc goofball protesters did the cops were right on them and forced the Occupy Black Bloc sissy boys to run away and hide.  Black Bloc Occupy has packed it up and hit the road for the DNC, they were no match for the Tampa Cops, what a bunch of silly little sissy boys the Occupy Black Bloc is.

TPD Police Chief Jane Castor has overwhelmed and out foxed the Occupy Black Bloc trouble makers who sought to disrupt the Tampa RNC, it was not even close.  The Occupy Black Bloc trouble makers, what’s left of them, will now be the Charlotte DNC’s problem, good luck boys.

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com


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