SARASOTA Murderer Glen Chambers Featured On AMW, Glen Chambers Works Costruction in Gulf Coast Towns Like Panama City Beach Fl.

Sunday, September 09, 2012 

BOLO-Escaped Murderer Glen Stark Chambers has been spotted working construction in Gulf Coast Beach towns. Glen Chambers was found guilty of first-degree murder on May 29, 1975 for the beating death of his girlfriend Connie Weeks, see age enhanced photo of him above on right. On Jan. 22, 1975, Glen Chambers went to the Sarasota Lanes Bowling Alley on Fruitville Rd in Sarasota Fl. Connie Weeks arrived shortly after Chambers. When she arrived, Glen Chambers pulled her from the car and began assaulting her. An off-duty police officer intervened and Chambers began fighting the officer. Chambers was arrested for simple battery. Connie Weeks bonded Glen Chambers out of jail that night and was beaten unconscious by Chambers within hours of his release. Weeks died five days later. Glen Chambers was arrested and convicted of first-degree murder.

 Police say 22-year-old cocktail waitress Connie Weeks of Sarasota had most of the hair pulled out of her head before she suffered fatal blows at the hand of her boyfriend Glen Chambers on January 22nd 1975. Connie Weeks was a single mother who worked as a cocktail waitress at Sarasota Lanes bowling alley. “He’s going to kill me,” Weeks told police that day. “He really is.” Later that night, though, Weeks bailed Chambers out of jail. He went home, police said at the trial, and started drinking, smoking marijuana and taking Quaaludes.

SARASOTA MURDERER Glen Chambers is 6’3” and at the time of his escape from Polk Correctional in 1990 was approximately 213 pounds. He has blue eyes and brown hair. Authorities say Glen Chambers has been spotted in Orange Beach Ala. and Perdido Key, Ala. and may be in the Minnesota area. Glen Chambers was recently featured on the TV program “America’s Most Wanted”, Friday September 7th, 2012. Glen Chambers DOB March 10th, 1951 age today 61.  See map for Orange Beach Ala CLICK HERE.  Glen Chambers works costruction in beach town owns Like Orange Beach Ala., Perdido Key, Ala and Panama City Beach Fl.

There is an active warrant for Glen Chambers for escape, a first-degree felony. The warrant is for nationwide extradition. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the toll free tip line at 1-877-FLA-WANTED (1-877-352-9268) or e-mail .

Jan. 22, 1975: Brutal Beating Leaves Young Mother Dead in Sarasota Fl. Police aren’t sure about what happened after Glen Chambers was freed from jail, but what they do know is that Chambers so viciously beat Connie Weeks that she was unrecognizable within just 90 minutes of his release.

Police believe Glen Chambers took his anger out on Connie Weeks in her apartment. Walls were damaged, the TV was smashed in and there was debris everywhere. Knowing Connie Weeks was in bad shape, Chambers carried her limp body into the Sarasota ER that night. Suspicious nurses called the police after Glen Chambers said she had slipped in the tub.

Chambers pictured here in 1981 with an unidentified tattoo on left bicep. FDLE agents want to find out what the tattoo is. His old tattoo that read  Glen Chambers was arrested again that same day Jan. 22, 1975 in Sarasota Fl.  Connie Weeks struggled for her life, but she had suffered severe brain damage. John Byrne Jr. visited her often during her days in the hospital, as did her mother and siblings.  “They were difficult days,” said sister Pam Cooper.  Days later, Connie Weeks died as a result of Glen Chambers’ beating,  more from AMW.

Glen Chambers may be communicating with teachers and professors in the education arena. He is a former member of Mensa and will most likely be with intellectuals, he is trained as electrician, construction, and in water and wastewater treatment.

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