UPDATE The Militia Menace Grows In Sarasota Fl With Florida Charter Oaks Militia.

Sunday, September 23, 2012 

* UPDATE-Tuesday October 9th, 2012 11:05 AM…Threatening phone calls received on my office phone line 941-924-7914 from a ‘Militia Member’ who called in on his restricted line and would not identify himself (coward), “claimed he knew where I was and who I was”. Appears that the Militia boys are in the planning stage for some kind of retaliation.

I am a strong supporter of the 1st Amendment ‘Free Speech’, the 2nd Amendment ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms’ and so on and on. I have guns in my house and in my vehicle and I have a concealed carry permit, but I don’t need to meet up with a bunch of “loose cannons” in the woods and fire off shotguns and assault type long guns and listen to them professing a hatred of the US government and all Law Enforcement and plot to kill cops and IRS agents like the ‘Covert Group Militia’ did in Atlanta last November.  See the typical Sarasota Herald Tribune softball interview and review of another dangerous militia menace, the Florida Charter Oaks Militia.

 In the following Herald Tribune article Sarasota Militia leader Darren Wilburn, his photo, and his girlfriend Amelia Foxwell are glowingly referred to as the ‘New Young Face of Militias’, what the hell is wrong with the Herald Tribune have you lost your mind?  Darren Wilburn is a private investigator in Sarasota Fl he runs NOVUS INVESTIGATIONS at 4370 S. TAMIAMI TRl SUITE 105 Sarasota FL ph 941-539-0665.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE: Amelia Foxwell is the new face of citizen militias in Florida. At 33, the Sarasota resident is younger than most militia members. She is Web-savvy, eloquent and a mother who is working on a master’s in psychology. Amelia Foxwell photo above.

Foxwell and fiancé Darren Wilburn are founding members of the Florida Charter Oaks Militia, a Sarasota- based group with about 25 active members who travel from around the state each month to train in survival tactics and firearms use. Wilburn, 45, is a former Army Special Forces sergeant and decorated combat veteran who is the group’s lead trainer. He works as a Sarasota private detective. They still dress in camouflage and run around the Volusia County woods with guns in monthly training exercises.

The Florida Charter Oaks Militia (SECOM) is one of the hundreds of militia and patriot groups that sprang up across the country in the wake of the 2008 presidential elections. Florida had none before President Barack Obama took office as the First black president. Now there are an estimated 50, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The center says patriot groups are marked by their belief in unfounded conspiracy theories, and their heated anti-government rhetoric. They advocate resistance, violent or passive, and strongly oppose law enforcement, the United Nations and anything else they see as the “New World Order.” Militias are the armed wing of the patriot movement, the center says.

Local law enforcement was reluctant to talk about Sarasota’s militia group. Sheriff Tom Knight declined comment. Sarasota Police Det. James LaPlante, who serves on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, and who has twice tried to interview Wilburn, also declined to discuss Charter Oaks. A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which has its own domestic security task force, referred all militia questions to the FBI.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Michael McPherson, who coordinates the FBI’s  Joint Terrorism Task Force in Tampa, pointed out that the FBI and his anti-terrorism task force are worried about are “militia extremists,” or those that believe in violence.

SECOM is the Southeast Constitutional Militia Sarasota Fl, it has a facebook page see link CLICK HERE.  SECOM the Southeast Constitutional Militia appears to be the umbrella group for the Florida Charter Oaks Militia Sarasota Fl.  SECOM the Southeast Constitutional Militia is listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website as a anti-government “Patriot” group that was active in 2011, see link CLICK HERE. 
SE Constitutional Militias Video’.
In the SE Constitutional Militias Youtube video above Amelia Foxwell and Darren Wilburn Florida Charter Oaks Militia in Sarasota Fl are seen running through paramilitary drills with assault type long guns.
Quote “Patriots from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are invited to research a newly restructured, but still unorganized militia group now known as SECOM. Members are from all walks of life and varying skill levels. Although our core group (known as the Florida Charter Oaks) routinely attends 3 day FTXs in many places around the state of Florida, not all members are required to commit to this level“. SECOM ALSO HAS A DIVISION IN GEORGIA.

GEORGIA MILITIA RICIN TERROR PLOT a plan to blow the ricin substance out of a moving car on the I-75 freeway in the Atlanta area. U.S. Attorney’s Office November 01, 2011 Northern District of Georgia(404) 581-6000

ATLANTA The ‘Covert Group’—Frederick Thomas, 73, of Cleveland, Ga.; Dan Roberts, 67, of Toccoa, Ga.; Ray H. Adams, 65, of Toccoa; and Samuel J. Crump, 68, of Toccoa, were arrested today relating to plans to obtain an unregistered explosive device and silencer and to manufacture the biological toxin ricin for use in attacks against other U.S. citizens and government personnel and officials.

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia Sally Quillian Yates said, “These defendants, who are alleged to be part of a fringe militia group called the ‘Covert Group’, are charged with planning attacks against their own fellow citizens and government. To carry out their agenda, two of the defendants allegedly purchased purported explosives and a silencer, while the other two defendants took steps to attempt to produce a deadly biological toxin.

FBI Atlanta Special Agent in Charge Brian D. Lamkin said of today’s arrests, “The FBI will act swiftly within its authority when any group or individual seeks to advance its rhetoric or ideology through force or violence. In this matter, the FBI’s Atlanta Division Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) was well positioned to address this investigation and to prevent harm to the general public.”

In March and April 2011, Thomas, Roberts, Adams and others attended meetings at the Toccoa, GA Waffle House where participants discussed targeting various government officials, including employees of federal agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service. These meetings also were monitored by FBI agents through the attendance of a confidential source, who recorded the meetings and provided the information to the FBI.

Militia Menace: During the meetings, the complaints allege that Thomas, Roberts and others discussed the need to obtain unregistered silencers and explosive devices for use in attacks against federal government buildings and employees, as well as against local police. Thomas, Roberts and others also discussed the use of the biological toxin that can kill individuals in small doses. The participants acknowledged that these actions would constitute murder but reasoned that the actions were necessary in accordance with their Militia ideology, see LA Times article http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/nationnow/2011/11/georgia_militia_plot.html

Frederick Thomas from Cleveland, Ga., and Dan Roberts of Toccoa, Ga., were each sentenced to five years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release. Both were members of fringe militia organization they referred to as a “covert group.” Federal authorities arrested them in November 2011 for allegedly plotting to attack U.S. citizens and federal employees using the biological toxin ricin. Their alleged targets included Attorney General Eric Holder and former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney (who is black). 

ATLANTA –  Frederick Thomas a member of the fringe north Georgia militia the ‘Covert Group’ intended to use the plot of an online novel as a model for plans to attack U.S. federal law officers and others, authorities said. Court documents state that Frederick Thomas told others that he intended to model their actions on the online novel “Absolved,” which involves small groups of citizens attacking U.S. officials.  U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said the case is a reminder that “we must also remain vigilant in protecting our country from citizen militias within our own borders who threaten our safety and security.”

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com

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