INSIDE EDITION Investigates Honor Killing By Yaser Said And Travels to New York City With Private Detective Bill Warner.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Airdate: 10/10/2012..INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero at Newark Airport.

It’s a desperate call to 911 for help, as two beautiful sisters were brutally shot to death in a taxi cab. Oh my god! Not again, not again…stop it! Stop it!,” screamed one of the sisters. As she cries in pain, the young teen manages to identify the shooter. “Help! Help! My dad shot me, my sister, help! And now I’m dying!” She pleads on the 911 call.  She said the man opening fire on her is her own father!

Family members say Sarah and Amina Said were murdered by their father, a Dallas cab driver named Yaser Said, in a horrific “honor killing.” It’s an ancient practice in which men kill female relatives in the name of family honor.

Yaser Said taped his daughters in their bedrooms while the girls were sleeping. He would even make comments to daughters that most people would consider inappropriate, like “nice legs.When Yaser Said learned his teenage girls had begun dating boys who were not Muslim, he snapped.

Yaser Said reportedly told his daughters he was taking them somewhere to eat, instead he drove them in his cab to a luxury hotel outside of Dallas. That’s when cops say he pulled out a gun and started firing. Nearly five years later, Yaser Said is still at large and one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives.

Private Detective Bill Warner, who has been following the case, believes Said may be living under the radar somewhere in the New York City area. That’s because Said’s brother lives in a small town about an hour outside the city. Bill Warner believes Said may be driving a cab, working the city’s airports.

“Why is that?” Guerrero asked Bill Warner“That’s all he’s ever known,” Warner said. “Yaser Said has only ever worked as a cab driver for the last 25 years. That is his only profession.” We brought Warner to one of New York’s airports to follow up on some of his leads in the case, asking a number of cab drivers if they recognized photos of  Yaser Said.

One cab driver told INSIDE EDITION’s Guerrero he may have seen Said driving a cab at Newark Airport. “Last year you think you’ve seen him?” Guerrero asked the cab driver.  “Yeah, I think I’ve seen him before,” the taxi driver said.  He even pointed out one of Said’s most recognizable accessories – his sunglasses.

“Yeah, they say he wears the glasses all the time,” Guerrero told the cab driver. Warner believes Said may be driving a cab, working the city’s airports. “This man is a danger. He is a threat to society,” said Bill Warner, READ THE WHOLE THING CLICK HERE.

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