Sketch Revealed Of Kidnapping Suspect In Attempt On Heather Sullivan Centerville TN Looks Like Zach Adams, Heather Is A Young Pretty Female With Long Blond Hair.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

UPDATED March 2nd 2014..Sketch Of Suspect In Kidnapping Attempt On Blond Heather Sullivan in Centerville TN Looks Like Zach Adams Who is Linked to Kidnapping of Blond Holly Bobo, see

From information obtained today from a confidential informant, I received a artist sketch of the man who tried to kidnap pretty blond haired Heather Sullivan in Centerville TN.  The alleged kidnapper appears to be a white male with dark hair, narrow face, dark eyes, clean shaven at the time and looks to be 25 to 30 years old. The hunt for kidnapped nursing student Holly Bobo took a twist last year as it emerged another young woman living nearby suffered a similar attempted abduction. Heather Sullivan, 31, who lives only 45 minutes from the Parsons TN home where Holly was taken, said a ‘tall skinny man’ tried to grab her arm as she got out of the car at her home in January 2011.

Heather Sullivan of Centerville Hickman County TN reported that a tall, skinny man in a gray hooded jacket grabbed her arm as she stepped out of her home early in the morning, but when the glass top of a lamp she was holding fell and shattered, the potential kidnapper ran away into the nearby woods.

Speaking to NBC news about Holly Bobo’s abduction early in the morning of April 13th, 2011, and a possible connection between the two, Heather Sullivan of  Hickman County TNsaid: ‘When I heard about it, that’s what I thought.’ Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, added he was not ruling out a connection.

Numerous other young women with long blond hair have gone missing over the last 3 years including Holly Bobo who was kidnapped out of Darden TN which is only 50 miles from Centerville TN where somone tried to kidnap Heather Sullivan, are cases linked?

From: Darden, TN To: Centerville, TNThe drive from Darden TN to Centerville TN is pretty much a straight shot on State Route 20 E/TN-20 E/US-412 E.

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