Scammers Put Skimmers On Presto ATMs At Publix Stores Across Florida Says Secret Service And Could Be Headed to Sarasota.

Thursday, December 06, 2012 

Scammers Put Skimmers On Presto ATMs At Publix Stores Across Florida Says Secret Service….A gang of scammers are putting skimmers on Presto ATMs looking to cash in on people’s credit and debit cards are responsible for ATM skimmer devices discovered at Publix Supermarkets along the state’s East and West Coast.

From Miami to Tampa the search is now on for the modern-day pickpocket and the band of skimming thieves.  Since Aug. 5, police in 14 different cities in ten counties have reported cases of debit or credit card stealing devices being used at machines outside of seven Publix Supermarkets. The devices, known as skimmers, all appear to be molded, painted and designed to fit the supermarket chain’s Presto ATMs, see photo below.

In at least three of the cities, a man wearing Bermuda shorts with colorful patterns, a ball cap and sunglasses was seen on survelliance tapes working with other people in installing the high-tech pickpocket devices. The phony card readers are easily slipped over the machine’s real card reader and scan information contained in the black strips on credit and debit cards. In at least one of the cases, a pinhole camera that records people punching in PIN codes was found along with a skimmer. The Presto ATMs at Publix Supermarkets don’t have cameras on the machines, which could be a reason why they are being targeted.

WTSP TAMPA FL….Zephyrhills, Florida – This week, an illegal electronic skimmer was found on an ATM outside a Zephyrhills Publix grocery store. The device was spotted by an employee shortly after someone attached it to the cash machine.  In recent months skimmers have been found on more than a dozen ATM’s located outside Publix grocery stores in Florida. That includes four instances in Pinellas County, two instances in Polk County and a skimmer found outside a Publix on Gandy Blvd. in Tampa.  The U.S. Secret Service is investigating, while Publix is now checking the cash machines every hour in an effort to head off any more crimes.

Scammers Put Skimmers On Presto ATMs At Publix Stores Across Florida Says Secret Service And Could Be Headed to Sarasota, look at the map above, the skimmer scammers have been in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boyton Beach, Daytona Beach, Dade City, Volusia, Lake Mary, Tampa, St Pete and Lakewood Ranch Bradenton Fl for example, looks like they are going to be working the West Coast of Florida back down through Sarasota to Fort Myers and then over to Miami and out of the country, but that’s just my opinion.

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