UPDATE: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Says Channel 4’s Holly Bobo TV Newscasts and Private Investigator Sheila Wysocki’s Reports Are ‘False’, Get Real.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

UPDATE: FBI Says Missing Petite Blonde Females like Holly Bobo May Be Victims of International Human Sex Trafficking Ring. PITTSBURGH —Alivia Kail has been missing for over two years (March 2011), but the young Mount Washington woman may still be alive and caught up in an out-of-state human trafficking ring against her will. The theory surfaced Tuesday at Heinz Field, where the FBI was hosting a conference to raise awareness and educate the Pittsburgh area about the subject of human trafficking.

State investigators on Friday blasted a Brentwood-based nonprofit’s work on missing Tennessee woman Holly Bobo’s case, saying bad information it released could jeopardize legitimate detective work. Internal emails turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) by women’s advocacy group Without Warning indicate the group knew some of its findings were false but put them out anyway, TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm said.“You all have to realize that we have been able to make any story surrounding this case a ratings winner and online success which was the goal,” one email reads.Representatives of Without Warning and WSMV-Channel 4, which aired a series of reports this month based on the group’s information, vigorously defended their work.

Sheila Wysocki Private investigator Sheila Wysocki created Without Warning two years ago to help women fight back against attackers. Helm said the station never reached out to the TBI, and the agency was blindsided by the stories, which claimed to have uncovered new, unreported details about the 2011 disappearance of the nursing student from Decatur County. Bobo was 20 when she disappeared.
So if the TBI is so sure that the private investigators are ‘wrong’ where the hell is Holly Bobo, how come the cops have not solved the Holly Bobo kidnap case, how come the cops have no suspects, how come the cops have no person of interest two years after Holly Bobo was kidnaped?  Let the private investigators do their job maybe the cops can pick up a couple of  ’clues’ from them!

NOTE: Cops in Cleveland OH had no clue that 3 young women were being held as sex slaves for over 10 years right under their noses so why should the TBI cops in Parsons TN discount the possibility that kidnapped Holly Bobo could be a victim of sex trafficking!
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