Sid Riley Publisher of Jackson County Times Said Bad Publicity From Bodies Dug Up at Dozier School Will Hamper Tourism in Marianna, WTH?

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Who in the world would want to visit Marianna Fl the site of a reform school where little boys were raped, beaten and murdered by guards who possibly linked to the KKK and in the 1930′s they hung a black man from a tree in the town square and left his body there for 24 hours, I think I would rather walk into Hell than Marianna Fl.
 USF Gets OK to Search for Remains at Former Reform School in Marianna Fl. Sid Riley, publisher of the Jackson County Times, implored Gov Scott on Aug 1 2013 to deny USF’s request “to dig up those Christian buried gravesites at Dozier School for Boys.” Riley expressed concern about how removing of bodies will impact the local economy and that survivors will try to use what may be found to seek “reparations” from the state. The bad publicity which will ensue during the year or more of time which will be involved will seriously hamper our local tourism development programs, as well as economic development efforts for our county,” Riley wrote. “Please do not allow them to engage in this greed motivated waste of money.” WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT?
UPDATE August 9th, 2013….TALK ABOUT BAD PUBLICITY…Jackson County Attorney Frank Baker Marianna Fl Charged with Conspiracy and Bank Fraud, Jackson County Attorney Frank Baker Had tried to Stop Exhumation of Bodies at the Dozier School for Boys.  see
The researchers have been investigating the Panhandle school, which at one time encompassed 1,400 acres, to determine whether boys at the reform school were possibly killed and buried on school grounds. Robert Strayley, 66, who was sent to the school in 1963 after running away from his home in Tampa several times, recalled that floggings were still being administered to boys at the school throughout his 10-month stay. “This is a historic moment for Florida because they reached into a past for Florida that was so dark that nobody wants to talk about it,” said Strayley, who attended the Cabinet meeting with others who had been sent to the school and are known as the “the White House Boys” and “Dozier Boys.”

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