I Witnessed Terrorist ‘Dry Run’ on US Airways Flight 2095 on 9/9/2013 Out of Newark as Memo Warns About Terrorist ‘Dry-Runs’ on Airplanes , See Photos.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photos below from US Airways Flight 2095 out of Newark on September 9th 2013


10 NEWS..Orlando, Florida — It was a US Airways flight bound for Florida, and some airline pilots believe it also may have been a dry-run for terrorists. The 10 News Investigators have obtained an internal memo that details a frightening incident that brings back memories of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Since then, federal efforts have gone in place to prevent a similar attack, leading many to believe another attack what happened on 9/11 could never happen again. Wolf Koch, who flies Boeing 767s for Delta Airlines and is the Aviation Security Committee Chairman for the Air Line Pilots Association International, says that belief “is very foolish.” Koch describes the events of 9/11 as “an incredible attack on us. It was very well orchestrated and they’re going to try it again… 100 percent, no question in my mind. They’re going to try it again.”

Koch says, “What most security experts will tell you that if a dry-run is occurring, the attack will shortly follow.” The pilots say the most recent dry-run occurred on US Airways Flight 1880 on September 2. The flight left Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. and headed to Orlando International. Crew members say that shortly after takeoff, a group of four “Middle Eastern” men caused a commotion. The witnesses claim one of the men ran from his seat in coach, toward the flight deck door. He made a hard left and entered the forward bathroom “for a considerable length of time.” While he was in there, the other three men proceeded to move about the cabin, changing seats, opening overhead bins, and “generally making a scene.” They appeared to be trying to occupy and distract the flight attendants. The 10 News Investigators contacted both US Airways and the Transportation Security Administration both confirmed the incident. US Airways says it won’t discuss the details of security measures, but that it works closely with authorities.  read the whole story here.. http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/339104/250/INVESTIGATORS-Memo-warns-of-terrorist-dry-runs-on-planes

On September 9th, 2013 I was on US Airways Flight 2095 out of Newark Headed to Sarasota Fl with a stop in Charlotte NC. I was in seat 6B, seated directly in front of me were two Arab males, they were about 22 years old and 26 years old, the one seated to my left spent the whole time of the flight, about 1 hour and 15 minutes, making diagrams of the cabin, making note of where the drink cart was kept and notes on the activity of the flight attendants. The flight attendants (all women) appeared to be alerted about the two Arab males and kept close tabs on them. The Two Arab males spoke no English during the flight, they both had on NY Yankee baseball caps and wore black t-shirts and jeans and the older Arab male made frequent trips to the bathroom.  I watched these two Arab guys intently as we took off and landed.

Shahzad Tanweer (l), Germaine Lindsay and Mohammed Sidique Khan (r)

Jermaine Lindsay (L) on a  dry run for the 7/7 terror attacks in London in 2005, they all had backpacks.

Upon arrival in Charlotte the Two Arab males made a quick departure and I followed then as they headed for their connecting flight which appeared to be to Fort Lauderdale Fl, they both had large backpacks as a carry-on. The younger Arab male did not speak or understand English, the older Arab guy had to explain everything in Arabic, these guys were not Yankee baseball fans, they were posers.

Hey let’s get real here I have been in the spy business for 18 years these two Arab dudes were doing surveillance.
Private Investigator Bill Warner investigative reports featured on TV, click on high-lighted link, with ‘Inside Edition’, ‘Fox News NYC’, ‘John Walsh’s AMW’, ‘CNN Headline News‘, ‘Fox News Tampa Fl’, “WBTV-3 Charlotte NC” “My Fox Tampa“, “ABC Action News Tampa“, and PI Bill Warner is featured in major newspapers like the ‘UK Daily News’, ‘Sunday London Express’, ‘NY Post‘, “TAMPA RNC“, ‘NY Daily News‘, ‘Star-Telegraph’, “Tampa Tribune“, “Fox News National“, “London Sunday Telegraph“, ‘Village Voice’, ”Al-Qaida Website hosted in Phoenix The Arizona Republic“, “The Columbian Newspaper“, ”Bay News 9 Tampa“, “Cyber Vigilante FOX NEWS NY“, “In our view: Internet Censor (Bill Warner) Wednesday, May 7 COLUMBIAN EDITORIAL STAFF“, ”Canadian Press (CP)”, “The St. Petersburg Times“, “The Press-Register Newspaper“, “Do Cybersleuths Fight Terrorism or Cause Trouble“, ”The Press & Sun Bulletin Binghamton“, “Former Buc Player Hires Private Eye To Find Super Bowl Rings“, ”Yahoo News Canada“, ”Brooklyn Ink Newspaper“,…HONOR KILLER YASER SAID: TRACKING A COLD BLOODED MURDERER. and “Keynote Speaker at the Intelligence Summit March 2007 St Pete Fl on the Al-Qaeda Car Bomb Ring In The USA“.
     Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com

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7 Responses to I Witnessed Terrorist ‘Dry Run’ on US Airways Flight 2095 on 9/9/2013 Out of Newark as Memo Warns About Terrorist ‘Dry-Runs’ on Airplanes , See Photos.

  1. MC says:

    Please note the similarity of the actions taken by the individuals on this recent flight compared to 2004 Detroit to LA flight described by Annie Jacobsen http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/skyterror.asp
    Same incident of a passenger moving quickly from coach to the first class lav while other passengers created a distraction. Noteworthy IMHO

  2. J Walker says:

    Gentlemen, it is time when you see this activity to get several REAL men on board and stand up. YOU clog the aisle, YOU drag the fellow that ran to the forward LAV out, and YOU make known that if they get out of their seats again their will be a beat down coming. Sounds like we are going back into our PC, Sheeple mode. TAKE CHARGE. Do your DUTY.

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