GONE: 18 Young Blond Females Missing, Kidnapped of Murdered and D.A.’s Like Dave Arnold Have No Clue To The Victimology

Thursday, January 16, 2014


PENN LIVE CENTRAL PA….Private Investigator Bill Warner Notes Similarities Between Kortne Stouffer and 17 Other Missing Women, DA Dave Arnold Doubts Link, So Why Did His Detective Call Bill Warner and tell me that they had no victimology in the Kortne Stouffer case, just like in all the other unsolved cases?  A Florida investigator said he believes the disappearance of Kortne Stouffer and 17 other women who look like her could be the work of a serial killer. Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla., private investigator, said his goal is to prompt the FBI to look into whether a serial killer is at work.

VICTIMOLOGY: “It’s a profile I have developed. All these missing young women, they look just like sisters,” Bill Warner said. “They all disappeared under strange circumstances, outside their apartment or house, with no break-ins, no indication of confrontation in or out of the house. They just disappear,” he said, adding a lot of them disappeared after a night of drinking. Dave Arnold, Lebanon County district attorney, said the FBI’s violence crimes unit (VICAM) already looked at Stouffer’s disappearance, compared it with missing persons cases up and down the East Coast, and didn’t find links to other cases. “It’s an interesting read, an interesting theory he has. But there are no facts to support the theory at least at this point in time,” Arnold said of Bill Warner’s blog.
VICTIMOLOGY: All the victims are small framed young white females with long blond hair, All the victims were active on social media such as Facebook providing photos, names, what city they lived in, schools they went to, where they worked and even where they hung out, All the victims were taken from outside their home, NO crime scene in any of the 18 cases, NO break-ins, NO screaming, NO person of interest, NO suspects and No victimology. Victimology is important in the overall investigative process because it not only tells us who the victims were, their health and personal history, social habits and personality, but also provides ideas as to why they were chosen as victims. In many situations, the offender will hold back from choosing a victim until one that meets his needs comes along, possibly allowing him to fulfill some fantasy or desire he has. Because of this, the way the victim is chosen is important and gives an insight into how the offender thinks, which subsequently affects how the perpetrator acts. If we are able to determine how the offender is acting now, we may be better able to determine his future behavior, possibly leading to a successful arrest. DA Dave Arnold Doubts Link, So Why Did His Detective Call Bill Warner?

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I think you’re on to something. Something is up. I’m paying attention

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