Why would no newspaper near Darden TN publish sketch of man who tried to kidnap Heather Sullivan in Centerville TN 3 months before Holly Bobo was kidnapped in April 2011, It’s Zach Adams

Sunday, March 02, 2014

The attempted kidnap victim Heather Sullivan said that she told the sketch artist that the perp was between 25-30 years of age Zach Adams is 29.  Why would no newspaper or TV station in and around Darden TN publish the artist sketch of the man who tried to kidnap Heather Sullivan in Centerville TN in January of 2011 three months before Holly Bobo was kidnapped in April of 2011. The only person who did publish the sketch was me, PI Bill Warner on October 10th, 2012, see Sketch Revealed Of Kidnapping Suspect In Attempt On Heather Sullivan Centerville TN, Heather Is A Young Pretty Female With Long Blond Hair. Posted: October 10, 2012 HOLLY BOBO KIDNAPPED

Heather Sullivan of Centerville Hickman County TN reported that a tall, skinny man in a gray hooded jacket grabbed her arm as she stepped out of her home early in the morning, but when the glass top of a lamp she was holding fell and shattered, the potential kidnapper ran away into the nearby woods. The hunt for kidnapped nursing student Holly Bobo took a twist last year as it emerged another young woman living nearby suffered a similar attempted abduction. Heather Sullivan, 31, who lives only 45 minutes from the Parsons TN home where Holly was taken, said a ‘tall skinny man’ tried to grab her arm as she got out of the car at her home in January 2011.
Email to me from October 10th, 2012….This is the sketch. I have sent it to about 15 newspapers editors and asked that they print it and have heard nothing back. Im using my iphone so I can only send 1 photo at a time and didnt know if youd respond. I also emailed a copy to Americas Most Wanted and your the only person who has emailed me back. I am concerned about the suspect who almost abducted Heather Sullivan from Centerville Tn. She can and has described the man who tried to abduct her and we have found and hired sketch artist of our own to draw a sketch of him since TBI said they didnt offer Heather Sullivan a sketch artist because they said their sketch artist retired. The sketch artist sent the sketch to the police department but for some reason the whole “Heather Sullivans case”  has been ignored. Im wondering why they arent putting this sketch out there because it could be the same one who took some or all of the other women? I have a copy of the sketch myself and Heather Sullivan has told me herself that they wouldnt even look around her property and that they told her not to talk about it to anyone but she also said she is scared to death that he will come back for her. Why is her case being ignored? She could be the key witness with the description of this maniac. Im sure Heather Sullivan would appreciate you having the sketch posted more than anyone. Another thing that is bothering me is that Holly Bobos mother asked TBI if they would send a sketch artist to Heather Sullivan.
securedownloadphoto provided by a reader.
They not only  told Karen Bobo that their sketch artist retired but that they also told her that they think they caught the guy who attempted to abduct Heather Sullivan. Heather would have had to identify him and testify against him if that were true and Heather hasnt heard a word from TBI or anyone about any suspect being caught so I dont understand why theyd have told Holly Bobo’s mother this. Thank you so much for replying to my email. I sent Heather Sullivan the web address where you posted the suspect. She says that she told the sketch artist that he was between 25-30 years of age and that his nose was a little diffrent but the artists final sketch was this one. Shes really glad your getting it out there though!
    Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota Fl at www.wbipi.com

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