Zach Adams Linked to Attempted Kidnapping Of Heather Sullivan and Charged with Kidnapping and Murder of Holly Bobo, He Ran With Two Other Guys..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Announce That Jason Autry Has Also Been Charged In The Murder and Kidnapping of Holly Bobo See Photos..

In the 2009 Tennessee DOC mug shot photo above Zach Adams is standing in front of a height chart the number on the right 75 is in inches, 75 inches equates to 6′ 3″ tall and he appears to be about 160 to 170 lbs. Zach Adams Linked to Attempted Kidnapping Of Heather Sullivan and Charged with Kidnapping and Murder of Holly Bobo, He Ran With Two Other Guys. For over 10 years in Holladay TN Zach Adams, 29, ‘ran’ with at least two other guys committing drug and burglary crimes terrorizing Decatur County TN, they are Jason Autry and Shayne Austin, 29, the ‘A’ train. Jason Autry went to prison in November 2013 given a 15 year to Life sentence, he has a Parole Hearing, already, on March 25th, 2014. Shayne Austin and Zach Adams went to Riverside High School in Parsons TN together. Why would one ‘assume’ that Zach Adams worked alone in the Holly Bobo kidnapping and the attempted kidnapping of Heather Sullivan, you need one guy to contain the victim and one guy to drive?

“There were names given by Danielle Darnelle in a post about two years back. She is the one who was on the news Friday night. She named Jason Autry, Zach Adams and Shayne Austin as the ones who kidnapped Holly Bobo. From what I’ve seen these names have been consistent with the ones bragging locally about what they did to her.”
Offender ID:10025185
Date of Birth: 10/10/1974
Age: 39 Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: Carroll County Sheriff’s Department Supervision
Location: RMSI
Sentence End: 08/26/2016
Parole Eligibility: 04/12/2014

The circumstances and Modus Operandi (MO) of the Kidnapping of Holly Bobo and attempted Kidnapping of Heather Sullivan are dead on, both attacks on the girls occurred in the very early morning, Heather Sullivan on Sunday January 23rd, 2011 at 5:30 am in Centerville TN and Holly Bobo on Wednesday April 13th, 2011 at 7:30 am in Dardern TN only about 45 miles apart. In both cases a man came up to the girls and grabbed them by the arm and either led them to the nearby woods or ran away to the nearby woods like in the Heather Sullivan case, very possibly in both cases an accomplice was waiting in the woods with a truck.

Heather Sullivan of Centerville Hickman County TN reported that a tall, skinny man, about 25 to 30 years old in a gray hooded jacket grabbed her arm as she stepped out of her home early in the morning in January 2011, but when the glass top of a lamp she was holding fell and shattered, the potential kidnapper ran away into the nearby woods.  Speaking to NBC news about Holly Bobo’s abduction early in the morning of April 13th, 2011, and a possible connection between the two, Heather Sullivan of  Hickman County TNsaid: ‘When I heard about it, that’s what I thought.’ Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, added he was not ruling out a connection. Zach Adams is 6′ 3″ tall, (see height chart above 75 inches is 6′ 3″ tall) with a slight build and about 170 lbs, fits description, he was 26 in 2011.
In my opinion and professional determination from the evidence available and physical characteristics of the main perpetrator (Zach Adams) it appears to me Zach Adams did not act alone in the initial kidnapping of Holly Bobo and that he definitely tried to kidnap Heather Sullivan, to me it appears to be conspiracy of at least two other players.
I hope that in the not too distant future the TBI arrests and or indicts the rest of the Zach Adams backwoods hillbilly A-Train gang for the Kidnapping and Murder of Holly Bobo and the attempted Kidnapping Heather Sullivan.
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