6 Signs Made Up For Karen Swift ‘JUSTICE for KAREN’ Taken Down Today as Soon As They Went Up In Dyersburg TN by the Sheriff Dept, Why?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

“Those signs are going to cause more false rumors to be spread and revive this Internet garbage about the case,” said Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box of the 3 year old unsolved kidnapping and murder of Karen Swift, the same murder Sheriff Box has been unable to gather clue #1 on. Hey Sheiff Box, I’m the guy who will be and has been your biggest nightmare with the ‘supposed Internet Garbage’ posted about the unsolved murder of Karen Swift that happened on your watch.
sherif box
GET REAL BARNEY, What the hell has Sheriff Box of Dyer County so upset about the six ‘JUSTICE for KAREN’ signs going up in Dyersburg TN? The 3 year old unsolved kidnapping and murder of Karen Swift has no leads, Sheriff Box has been unable to gather up even clue #1.

Several signs (6) displaying a photo of murder victim Karen Swift with the words “Justice for Karen” were recently removed by Dyer County Sheriff’s Office officials. According to Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box, on Monday, May 2, he was out of town and said he began receiving phone calls about the signs being placed around Dyer County. “We got phone calls saying the signs were put on private property without permission and on state right of ways,” said Box. “(The signs) did not have any identification about who put them up and there was no coordination between those people and the sheriff’s department or the district attorney’s office.” Box stated the sheriff’s department coordinated with Dyer County District Attorney Phil Bivens on the issue. “We coordinated with the DA and ordered they be taken down, so they were taken down,” said Box.

Box said one of the signs was placed next to a trailer related to his campaign on private property on St. John Avenue, and said the person who placed the sign there did not have permission to do so. “With no coordination with the DA or the sheriff’s office the signs were put up as a direct political attack,” said Box. “It looked like a direct political attack by putting (the sign) against my election sign and we won’t let a murder case be used for political gain. That’s what it looked like.” (HUH???)

Gerald and Jenna Scott of Henry County spoke with the State Gazette and stated they had six signs made and placed some at the Verizon store and Tractor Supply on Lake Road , and near Dyersburg State Community College. They stated Verizon gave them permission, but Box says Verizon said they didn’t own the property the store is on. Gerald Scott said he pastored a church in Arkansas and was close to Karen Swift when she lived there. Sheriff Box says the signs were not a political ploy, but an attempt to raise awareness about the unsolved murder.Box added he believes the signs only stir up emotions and hinder the ongoing Swift murder investigation (UNSOLVED).

FACEBOOK PAGE: “This is Jenna Scott!! All I wanted to do is have 6 signs made up for Karen (Swift) JUSTICE for KAREN because it has been almost 3 years since she was taken from us. I just didn’t want everyone to forget about her!!!so that’s what I did. I had 6 signs printed and we took them this morning and put all six up in Dyersburg where Karen (Swift) was murdered. As soon as we put them up THEY (the 6 signs) were taken down !!! by the sheriff department (Sheriff Jeff Box Dyer County TN) and was told by the order of the Dyer County District Attorney Phil Bivens. Unbelievable!!! words can not explain the hurt I feel!!” What has the Sheriff of Dyer County so upset about ‘JUSTICE for KAREN’ signs going up?

A-Team Gang Members Jason Autry and Zach Adams Charged With Kidnapping and Murder of Holly Bobo and Linked to Kidnap Attempt of Heather Sullivan Do They Link to Kidnapping and Murder of Karen Swift.


A-team gang member Zach Adams Charged With Kidnapping and Murder of Holly Bobo and Linked to Kidnap Attempt of Heather Sullivan, Does he Link to Kidnapping and Murder of Karen Swift:
(1). Centerville TN SUNDAY January 23rd, 2011 5:30 AM a tall skinny man tries to kidanp Heather Sullivan.
(2). Darden TN WEDNESDAY April 13th, 2011 7:30 AM Zach Adams (and possible partner) kidnap and murder Holly Bobo.
(3). Dyersburg TN SUNDAY October 30th, 2011 5:30 AM Karen Swift kidnapped and murdered her case unsolved, was Zach Adams involved in all three incidents? All three kidnapping cases occurred in the early morning, 5:30 am to 7:30 am, Karen Swift and Heather Sullivan appear to be attacked at about the same time in the morning, 5:30 am. All three females had been active on social media with links to where they live. Zach Adams and Jason Autry live in Holladay TN which is central to Darden TN, Dyersburg TN and Centerville TN.
TN Senators convened March 11th, 2014 for a judiciary committee hearing to look at several bills aimed at curbing meth use in Tennessee, and TBI Director Mark Gwyn shared some pains of the drug from the front lines of law enforcement. It’s relevant in this hearing because TBI Director Mark Gwyn said Holly Bobo’s murder kidnapping case has to do with meth. “I worked one of the first methamphetamine-related murders back into the 90s, where a guy kidnapped two young men, tortured them for seven days, killed both of them, threw them off into Center Hill Lake,” Gwyn said. “Fast-forward to 2014, and I thought in my career that would be the only time I would ever see anything like that.”

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