‘I Don’t Believe In Casey Anthony’s Innocence Anymore’ Tot Mom’s Ghost Writer Rick Namey Reveals Reason He Quit Her Book Project.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

“In the beginning I signed on saying I didn’t want to write it if I didn’t believe in her (Casey Anthony) not guilty status. When Ghost WriterRick Namey asked Cheney Mason about it I got a very curious answer from him. When Ghost WriterRick Namey asked Cheney Mason whether or not he believed Casey Anthony was guilty he said ‘I don’t care.’ Namey, who has previously authored six non-fiction books, penned Casey’s Ghost: The Story of the Man Who Decided Not to be Casey Anthony’s Ghost Writer and says that “finally, all the pieces of this fascinating puzzle are falling into place.” Namey tells Radar he stopped working with Mason and Anthony just one day before Caylee’s mother filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Jan. 2013.
Rick Namey is a writer from Orlando, Florida. In addition to the books you see here, he has written several others. Rick spent most of his decades long career writing thousands of ads for Television, Radio and Print. He has won dozens of trade awards for advertising and production. He has written a number of books for major publishers – all non-fiction. His current book, “Casey’s Ghost,” is his first published true-crime book. Immediately after Casey Anthony’s not-guilty verdict, Rick was hired by Casey’s attorney, Cheney Mason, to be a ghost writer. The story is his journey from believing in Casey’s innocence, to uncover what he believed to be a criminal conspiracy to defraud creditors and make millions from Casey’s enormous notoriety as the “most hated person in America.”

Sources tell me that Casey Anthony through her ‘benefactors’ has signed a contract for an existing home near the beach on one of the Keys around Sarasota Fl not necessarily Siesta Key as we also have Lido Key, Casey Key, Longboat Key and Bird Key, not giving out too much info at this point, but I strongly feel it is a crime for Casey Anthony to capitalize on the death of her daughter Caylee with her multi-million dollar book deal. There are multiple Casey Anthony supposed sighting at Morton’s Grocery Store Sarasota FL and rumors that she parties and frequents bars on Siesta Key.



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