Sarasota Shooting Victim Dies Near 25th & Orange ‘Fast Life in Newtown FL’ Shooter Diandrew L. Clarkson Arrested.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Newtown Shooter Diandrew L. Clarkson Arrested: According to a Sarasota Police Department news release, Diandrew L. Clarkson, 20, shot Daniel Ortiz, 44 — who was driving in the 1500 block of 25th Street on Monday evening — after Ortiz tried to buy $35 in drugs from him. Clarkson demanded Ortiz pay him $40 from a previous deal, leaned into Ortiz’s car and pulled a handgun from his waistband and shot Ortiz. This dirtball Diandrew L. Clarkson, with the ‘Sideshow Bob Haircut‘, from Tampa was in Newtown selling drugs on the street.

Sarasota Police are investigating a shooting where a male victim has died from life threatening injuries near 25th & Orange. At this time, Officers believe the victim was shot and then drove himself down the road and crashed. The victim has been transported to Sarasota Memorial with life-threatening injuries, he died. The investigation is ongoing at this time. PIO Judge is on scene with no email capabilities but media can meet her at 25th & Orange, just 3 months ago, two men dead in Newtown shootings see…/article_cf4346a4-13d5-11e5…

NEWTOWN SHOOTING UPDATE: Shooting now a homicide investigation. The male victim has died. Investigation remains ongoing. Detectives do not believe the public is in any danger. “FAST LIFE” THUGS….A lifestyle that will land you dead or in jail at any given moment. There are many different ways to live the “fast life”. These include drug dealing, robbing or gang banging. The fast life is often a perilous career path for hustlers who make money fast in the streets. Consequently, fast life hustlers that make it to old age without being imprisoned, crippled or killed are rare because negative actions have negative consequences.

Sarasota Police Officers responded Monday night to the area of 25th Street and Orange Avenue, which is about a block south of Martin Luther King Way, where a male gunshot victim had crashed a vehicle, a police spokeswoman said. Police believe the shooting happened about a block west, at 25th Street and Leon Avenue Newtown. There were eight murders in Sarasota in 2011, all but one of which took place in Newtown, the historically black neighborhood that has remained dangerous despite years of effort and calls for a stop to the violence.

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