Steve Vernon running for Republican Nomination in House District 73 with no experience claims his experienced opponent Joe Gruters is not qualified because he has young children, WTH?

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Joe Gruters reply to Steve Vernon’s Hate Flyer: Ok, some people asked to see the latest mailer my opponent STEVE VERNON has sent out. He seems to think having children is a distraction and a disqualifier. This guy STEVE VERNON is something else.

WHO THE HELL IS STEVE VERNON WHO CLAIMS HAVING CHILDREN ARE A DISTRACTION FOR A POLITICAL CANDIDATE, WHAT THE HELL? Representative Greg Steube is seeking higher office and Steve Vernon is a Republican candidate to replace him in the Florida House. There are currently two candidates for the Republican nomination in House District 73, Joe Gruters and neophyte Steve Vernon.

steve vernon no kids allowed

Steve Vernon is currently the President of the Lakewood Ranch Republican Club, big deal, Steve Vernon has never held public office and this is the first time Steve Vernon is running for anything political, well big freakin deal, no experience that will get you right to the front of the line Mr Vernon you jackwagon.

 Joe Gruters is the long-time Sarasota GOP chairman and vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and the Florida Co-Chair for the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign, VOTE JOE GRUTERS.

Back on Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Sarasota County GOP Chairman Joe Gruters contacted me through my Facebook page and asked to meet him for lunch at the Main Bar Sandwich Shop on Main St Sarasota Fl to discuss my interest in joining the Trump campaign.

vote joe gruters (3)

After a quick lunch we walked from the Main Bar to Trump Headquarters at 1517 State St Sarasota Fl, during the walk I found it interesting and now ironic that Joe Gruters told me he had taken some heat from other GOP members about heading up Trump’s Florida Campaign and even the local Herald Tribune newspaper had written unfavorable articles about Joe teaming up with Trump, but that he believed in Trump and that Trump will won the GOP Nomination, he did, and that Donald Trump will win the office of President in November, good company for Mr. Gruters.


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