VIDEO OF FIRST SHOTS FIRED by Esteban Santiago at Fort Lauderdale Airport He Had No Luggage and One Way Ticket From Alaska This Was Planned ISIS Terror Attack.

Monday, January 09, 2017

VIDEO OF SHOTS FIRED by Esteban Santiago at Fort Lauderdale airport he had no luggage, he checked only handgun in locked case, he had no carry on luggage, and he had a ONE WAY ticket from Anchorage Alaska to Fort Lauderdale Fl, what the hell? This was a planned terror attack by a ISIS supporter, HOW MANY MORE RED FLAGS DOES THE TSA NEED? 

The first shot fired by ISIS killer Esteban Santiago at Fort Lauderdale airport with 9mm Glock pistol, he had no luggage, no carry on, and one way ticket from Alaska, gee no red flags here, eh?

A lone shooter opened fire Friday afternoon at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, killing five people and wounding six others before he was taken into custody, the Broward County sheriff said. Esteban Santiago, 26, flew from Alaska to Florida on a one way ticket with a gun in a checked bag, and after landing got the firearm and opened fire near a baggage claim in Terminal 2 at around 12:55 p.m., officials said “He eventually retrieved a firearm and began indiscriminately shooting,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters Friday night. “This cowardly, heinous act resulted in the deaths of five people.”

The FBI and Jesse Davis, the police chief of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, confirmed that Santiago followed TSA procedures in checking his weapon. It was the only item he brought with him to Fort Lauderdale. “The suspect had only checked one item, a handgun case and no luggage,” said Davis. Six people were also wounded by gunfire and sent to the hospital, where three remained in intensive care as of Saturday morning. Thirty-seven others suffered other injuries in the chaos of the shooting and in the aftermath, officials said. Federal guidelines allow for passengers to check unloaded guns in a locked case, and also allows for ammunition to be placed in checked baggage. The FBI confirmed that the shooter used a Glock 9 mm semi-automatic handgun, but they would not detail the exact model.

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